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Supporting Independence, Affordability and Friendship

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*COVID-19 – CORONAVIRUS: We are taking all necessary precautions to operate as safely as possible following guidelines, protocols and taking into account the circumstances and needs of each individual. Please contact us to talk this through if you wish. *


Homeshare Oxfordshire carefully matches older people who are looking for help or companionship at home, with another person who can lend a hand, and needs affordable accommodation. 

In return for the accommodation the Sharer gives the Householder up to 10 hours of their time each week as a combination of companionship and practical help.

Each Homeshare match is individual and carefully agreed.  It may include some cooking and light housework, help with computers and technology, maybe some shopping or gardening, spending time together over a meal or cup of tea as well as occasional trips out. The reassuring presence of another person in the house overnight is often an additional benefit for the Householder.

A Homeshare match does not involve any personal care.

What are the costs? 

Monthly fees are payable to Homeshare Oxfordshire by Householders and Sharers. The Householder pays a fee from £100 per month, the equivalent of £3 day. The Sharer pays a monthly fee of £200. These fees cover the checks and set up costs of the arrangement as well as the regular, ongoing support from the Homeshare team. The fees also enable Homeshare Oxfordshire to operate as a sustainable scheme, with more people able to benefit.

The Sharer makes a contribution to the Householder of an agreed amount towards household costs.   

Please see the Applying to Homeshare Oxfordshire document for further information and to check if a Homeshare arrangement might be right for you. Take a look at Homeshare Oxfordshire Accommodation Availability for our list of current opportunities.

Please scroll down to very bottom of the page to see full details of all current opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can couples be Householders and Sharers?

Yes – it might take longer to place Sharer couples, but by all means please get in touch with us.

Can Householders and Sharers have pets?

Yes - we always ask both Householders and Sharers if they have pets and if they would be willing to consider sharing if a pet were part of the household. It may take a little longer than usual to find a Householder who is willing to take in a pet (but not necessarily.)

I don’t own my home, can I still be a Householder?

We ask anyone who doesn’t own their home outright to seek permission from their mortgage provider or Landlord before applying to be a Householder for Homeshare Oxford.

Local Authority Housing – You will need to ask permission to have a Sharer join you in your home and how contribution to bills may affect your Benefits. If you would like to be a Householder, we recommend you speak to us before applying and we can support you to have a conversation with the council about how this may change your benefits, so that you can take this into consideration before you decide to apply.

What are the minimum and maximum lengths of a Homeshare?

We say that a Homeshare should be a minimum of 6 months.

If an end date is already known at the beginning of a Homeshare (eg. a student who know when they will be moving on) we will include these details in the agreements. If an end date is not known, the match can roll on month by month.

If either the Householder or Sharer wants to move on from a match, they need to give one month’s notice. This can be given at any stage in the match, and we will support both the Householder and Sharer if and when a match comes to an end.

When will a Sharer provide the 10 hours Help around the Home?

The 10 hours Help around the Home needs to be agreed and to fit around a Sharer’s work or studies and a Householder’s preferences. It is quite likely that it will fall into evening and weekends if the Sharer is working or studying full time. The preferences of the Householder and availability of the Sharer are taken into account by the Homeshare team when looking at suitability of two people for a Homeshare.

How will it work when Householder or Sharer is away on holiday or for weekends?

We recommend that you let each other know well in advance of going away so that plans can be made to cover any additional support needed for Householders. Similarly, if a Householder is going to be away they may be reassured to know that the Sharer will be around in their absence. A Homeshare arrangement may not work for Sharers who are likely to be away a lot or for extended periods of time. Please get in touch if this is the case so that we can discuss this.

I am a student and I go home/away from Oxford during term breaks, can I be a Sharer?

In general, Homeshare is not suitable for students who will only be around during term-time. But there may be occasions when this might work, so please do get in touch with us.

Contact Homeshare Oxfordshire

Please complete the enquiry form below and we will contact you shortly. For any queries email or call 01865 410 670.

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