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We are asking everyone to start having simple conversations about eating, drinking, appetite and weight loss. This could help older people and their carers to understand the options available to them and could break the cycle that could be leading to weight loss or dehydration.


  1. Start a conversation around eating, drinking, appetite and weight loss

  2. Use the key questions and/or use the PaperWeight Armband to see if the person may need to gain weight

  3. Check the red flag questions on the flow chart below, to see if you need to make a GP referral or dentist

  4. Share the Eat, Drink, Live Well booklet with them and discuss some ideas about how they could boost their appetite or increase their daily intake

  5. Signpost to local support/services and involve relatives or carers as appropriate

  6. Keep a record of the number of conversations, using this simple format. Let the local Programme Manager know at the end of the month.


Are you getting enough from your diet

Are you getting enough from your diet?