Leaving a gift in your will allows us to continue to support older people in Southampton and the surrounding area.  Including us in your future plans will help futher generations live independently.

We recommend speaking to a solicitor to arrange or change your will to include Age UK Southampton and suggest providing them with the following details:

"Registered Charity 1122954 Age UK Southampton"

There are a variety of different types of legacy that you can make. Your solicitors will be able to provide more detail but a brief summary can be found below:

A residuary legacy is the remainder of your estate (or a percentage of it) after gifts to family, friends, other causes, funeral expenses and other outgoings have been distributed. This is particularly valuable to us because it protects against inflation.

 A pecuniary legacy is a fixed amount that you wish to gift to us. However, it will significantly lose it's value over time due to inflation.

 A specific legacy is a named gift. You do not have to inform us if you are leaving a legacy, but it would be helpful to assist with our planning. All information will be kept confidential.

Contact our Fundraising Department by phone 023 8036 8636 or email fundraising@ageuksouthampton.org.uk or drop into the office between 10am-4pm Monday to Friday for more information.

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