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Padwell Road Day Care Centre

For those who are physically or mentally frail, our popular day care centre provides a wide range of support and activities. Referrals can be made through Social Services. Private day care places are also available.

There are other centres across the city too, catering for a wide range of people, with different life experiences and a wide range of interests. If you have a hobby you love, or would like a bit of support with your favourite activities we can help. If your life has changed in some way or you are feeling lonely and would like to meet new people and make new friends we have a wide range of activities you can join in with.

For customers who are funded through Southampton City Council, please contact the Adult Placement Team. 

For private clients, please contact 023 8036 8636 or email:

This centre is run under the Southampton Living Well service in partnership with Social Care in Action

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