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We get some lovely feedback from the hundreds of people we help in Torbay every year. Here is a small selection:

Dear Cathryn,
This is a letter of profound gratitude for your unstinting, reliable, professional and invaluable help in setting up and obtaining various services for Tom. He feels that his quality of life has been immeasurably improved and I found you and everyone involved to be so informative and supportive.

From the outset, the team, whether face to face or via the telephone, has had a welcoming, warm and patient approach. In particular, Liz travelled more than the ‘extra mile’ in filling in the Attendance Allowance form for Tom and if it hadn’t been for her persistence and dedication to detail, I know that the outcome would have been very different.

Carol from the befriending team has also taken much trouble to find the right person for Tom and now the lovely John visits every week. So, thanks to the Interim Care team at the beginning, to yourselves and the Care Company now, Tom feels that things are most definitely on the up.

“A year ago I couldn’t go out on my own and I never saw anyone. Thanks to Fran, I now have social life and a diary to plan where I’m going.”

"Although we met through Age UK Torbay, it doesn’t feel like I’m a client, she doesn’t make me feel like a needy person."

“I know I haven’t got to worry about Wednesdays. From the minute Gwen rings up and says she’s on her way I know Gwen will do it all. Wednesday is the best day of the week. I can’t imagine life without it.”

“I really look forward to my day out with Gwen and my new friends in the group. Gwen is a lovely, caring person and she really makes us all feel at home for the day.”

“Before I retired I was used to working from 7.30am to 4pm. Once I stopped work I was bored and didn’t know what to do with myself. Volunteering gives me a sense of purpose. I know I am helping other people and am happy whether I’m typing or stuffing envelopes.”

‘’Just want to say a massive thank you for all your help in sorting out my Housing Benefit, Council Tax and Pension Credit. I am now happily retired and looking after myself and enjoying every minute.”

"Being ninety years of age and registered disabled, I had visions of a care home or similar but now thanks to Age UK Torbay and the help available from the NHS I feel sure that I am able to be able to live alone."

“As a result of your lovely lady’s kind visit, I am now in receipt of Attendance Allowance and increase to my pension credit. Also, due to her superb advice, I now have
a blue badge parking permit. There aren’t words to express my very deep gratitude to your fantastic organisation and this very special lady!’’

“I feel as if I have been reborn. I will never be able to repay Age UK Torbay for all they have done for me.”

"Margaret is always pleased to see me and we are able to chat about nothing very easily, so the hour I spend with her goes very quickly."