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Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice for Clients

We are Age UK Torbay, whose head office is 12 Dendy Road, Paignton, TQ4 5DB. We operate in Torbay only.

What information we keep and why

We process personal data relating to client, customers, supporters, staff, volunteers and trustees of our organisation. This is to allow us to offer services, products, and help and guidance to our clients, and to be able to keep people up to date with our work and our plans.

We need to keep some basic information about you to be able to help you with any advice or issues you have asked us about, and to be able to offer you services and information. This will include some contact details and a record of what you have chosen to talk to us about. This will allow us to find out the correct information, and to contact you in order to fulfil your request.

How we will contact you

If you have agreed to receive marketing and promotional information from us, we will send that out to you using your preferred contact method. We will not use the information you gave us to find out more about you.

If you wish to change how we contact you

All our materials, whether sent out by post, email or other methods, will tell you how you can stop receiving information from us. You can stop receiving information from us at any time.

To do this you can write to us at our address above or email

Who will see your personal data

We will only share your information with people you have agreed to let see it. This might include people whose help we need to progress your case, such as the DWP or the local authority, other colleagues within our organisation, or other organisations who offer services and support that we do not. We will always ask you before sharing your details. You can say no to these requests.

What data will be kept

We are required to keep some personal data, even after we have finished dealing with your case or after you have stopped being a supporter of our work. This may include contact details, records of who we spoke to on your behalf, any correspondence, and an outline of any steps we took or advice we gave. We will keep data for a total of six years. This is to ensure that we have a record of what we did in the event of a complaint or legal claim.

All data will be securely stored on an encrypted database, with limited access for staff. It will not be accessed except in response to a query about our actions in the case. No decisions will be made about you based on this data and you will not suffer any detriment or harm by having it stored on our secure systems. At the end of the six years all your data will be archived and stored within the archive and not the live database. It will only be accessed in the event of a legal claim or query. We keep an overall summary of the number of people who contact us, and the types of issues people contact us about. This is aggregated data, and it is not possible to identify individual cases or people from that data.

The collection of this information will benefit clients by:-

Supporting you in the areas that matter to you

Seeing the information we hold about you

You can ask to see a copy of all the information we hold about you. To do this, you can write to our Chief Officer at the address above or email for the attention of the Chief Officer at

If you want to complain about how we collect, store, or use your data

You can contact us if you have any complaints about how we have collected, used or stored your personal data. You can write to us at the address above or email us One of our Senior Team will oversee your complaint.



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