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The Passing of HRH Prince Philip

Published on 12 April 2021 02:31 PM

Lillian Goulding, a Bright Days member and Wigan's Poet Laureate has written this poem to commemorate the passing of HRH Prince Philip:

The Passing of HRH Prince Philip (a one-off)

Condolences to our Queen,

one of the best that's ever been.

We, her people, are now with her

to show her that we really care

And of our thanks and appreciation

of what he's done for our nation.


A diamond with many facets,

along with lots of other assets.

More accolade cannot do at all,

the whole wide world has said it all.

To which wholehearedly we do condone,

one of the best we've ever known.


He was throughout our nation,

a wonderful human inspiration.

Prince Philip you have passed the test,

deserving your eternal rest.

Flights of angels there await,

to take you through the heavenly gate.