Are you or a friend or relative in need of a bit of company and looking for somewhere you can meet people, have a hot meal, take part in activities and be entertained in a safe and supportive environment

We support locally-based groups help to address the problems caused by social isolation and loneliness among older people, to help them maintain their independence.

Day Centres

Day Centres normally meet from about 10.30am – 3pm and provide a place to meet, to make friends and share a hot meal.

They also offer a programme of social and recreational activities such as gentle exercise, quizzes, outside speakers, musical entertainment and trips out.

The clubs are registered charities run by a paid organiser and volunteer helpers, supported by a management committee. They are part-funded by Wiltshire Council and supported by Age UK Wiltshire through our Community Day Services. team.

Lunch Clubs

Lunch Clubs normally meet from about 11.30am - 1.30pm and provide a place to meet and make friends while sharing a hot meal, either cooked on the premises or brought in by an outside caterer.

Pub Lunch Clubs

In some areas of Wiltshire there has been a move to set up informal Pub Lunch Clubs. If you know of one, let us know and we can add it to our list. If you want to start one, we can support you in setting it up.


We have created a list of day centres and lunch clubs in the Wiltshire area, including Salisbury, which you can download below. Please contact the organiser of the group if you would like more information.  Note; this list was last updated in May 2017.

Day Centres and Lunch Clubs


Further Information

If there isn’t a club or social group in your area and you feel there is a need for one, if you want to tell us about any ideas or suggestions, or if you are interesteding volunteering for Age UK Wiltshire or a local club or group then get in touch with us

Contact our offices

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