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Our full policy on Safeguarding is available on request.  Please email for more details.

Policy Statement

For Age UK Bolton safeguarding encompasses everything we do to protect children, young people and adults who need care and support, our staff and our volunteers, from abuse.

Age UK Bolton acknowledges that abuse may affect our clients, our staff and our volunteers. The Charity Commission asserts that safeguarding policy and procedures are vital for the effective operation of any charity that works with vulnerable groups.

Safeguarding is a term used to describe a range of activity aimed at ensuring that children, young people and adults who need care and support are not abused. This policy sets out the key elements and overarching principles of Age UK Bolton’s commitment to safeguarding

Safeguarding is a fundamental element of Age UK Bolton’s work. The charity is a brand partner of Age UK, the national charity and subscribes to its values which in turn inform and support all of our safeguarding activity: 

•           We are respectful

•           We treat others as they would want to be treated

•           We are inclusive

•           We work together, we involve and we consult

•           We are solutions-focused

•           We ensure that what we do makes a real difference

•           We are expert

•           We strive to be the best at what we do.

•           We are empowering

•           We support others to achieve their goals


Guiding Principles

There are 2 main elements in Age UK Bolton’s safeguarding work:

1)    Prevention - We will put sensible measures in place to prevent abuse, including the use of safe recruitment practices, promoting safe working environments and raising awareness of safeguarding.

2)    Protection - We will provide policy, procedures, information and training to enable all Age UK Bolton staff and volunteers to identify and respond appropriately to concerns about abuse that may be affecting a child or an adult who needs care and support.

In the vast majority of cases Age UK Bolton will only be required to provide information and signposting, to empower those raising safeguarding concerns to obtain the support they need and achieve the outcomes that they want.

Where there are reasonable doubts about the ability of the person raising concerns to obtain the right support for themselves or others, or where allegations concerning Age UK Bolton staff or volunteers are raised, more complex responses may be required. Detailed information on how all safeguarding issues should be managed within Age UK Bolton can be found in the Age UK Bolton Adult Safeguarding Guidance & Procedures and Age UK Bolton Child Safeguarding Guidance & Procedures.

Roles & Responsibilities

All staff and volunteers

Every individual working for Age UK Bolton, irrespective of their role, has a part to play in safeguarding children and adults who need care and support from abuse. All staff and volunteers will undertake training in and must familiarise themselves with our Safeguarding Policy, Guidance and Procedures.


Charity trustees serve on the governing body of Age UK Bolton and have responsibility for the general control and management of the administration of the charity. The Charity Commission states that trustees of charities which work with children and adults who need care and support have a duty of care to their charity, which includes taking the necessary steps to safeguard those at risk from abuse, managing risk and protecting the reputation of the charity. Trustees may suggest areas of focus for Safeguarding scrutiny and action.

Chief Executive and Senior Management Team

Age UK Bolton’s senior leadership has a responsibility to ensure that safeguarding is included, where appropriate, in the strategic plans, risk assessments, communications and quality assurance processes. In some cases they will be required to make decisions in relation to complex or serious safeguarding concerns, in consultation with the Trustees. Age UK Bolton’s senior leadership team are responsible for ensuring that they, and the staff and volunteers that they supervise, are aware of Age UK Bolton’s safeguarding policy and procedures and access relevant training. They should promote the discussion of safeguarding at team meetings and as part of supervision or one to one meetings. They may be required to make decisions relating to complex or serious safeguarding concerns and can seek advice from Age UK’s Head of Safeguarding via Partnership Affairs where required.

Designated Person for Safeguarding

The Chief Executive is the Designated Person for Safeguarding at Age UK Bolton. They are responsible for developing and quality assuring safeguarding activity across Age UK Bolton.

Safeguarding Adviser

The Safeguarding Adviser supports, and deputises for the Chief Executive in their absence in relation to Safeguarding matters. They provide operational safeguarding support and information across Age UK Bolton in consultation with the Head of Safeguarding at Age UK via Partnership Affairs. The Safeguarding Adviser will be determined by the Chief Executive and ratified by the Trustees and subject to regular review but is normally the Information & Advice Officer.