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Combating rogue traders

03 December 2012

Age UK Derby and Derbyshire are delighted to be working with Western Power Distribution to provide free doorstop crime information packs. The packs are designed to prevent older people falling victim to doorstep crime and are being distributed by Age UK Derby and Derbyshire.

Doorstep crime can present a number of risks for an older person and make older people feel vulnerable in their own home. Dishonest traders, pushy salespeople and thieves can use an approach at the front door to push older people into letting them in or paying exorbitant prices for work or products. The effects of a doorstep crime attack on an older person can be devastating leading to a loss of confidence and fear of engaging with the outside world. In some cases older people have been swindled or bullied into giving up thousands of pounds.


Katy Pugh, Chief Executive, Age UK Derby and Derbyshire said ‘The best way to prevent doorstep crime is to prevent criminals and pushy sales people from choosing your doorstep. That’s why Age UK Derby and Derbyshire are working with Western Power Distribution to produce and distribute the Information Packs’.


Cotton bags containing a window vinyl warning cold-callers to stay away, a door sticker that provides a checklist of what to do if you have an unwanted visitor and information about avoiding scams are being distributed at Information Road shows, Derby office and 50+ Centre, day centres and activities across Derbyshire. Our Befrienders  and staff visiting older people in their homes are making sure older people we visit have a pack and use the door stickers.


The campaign is being sponsored by Western Power Distribution (WPD).


”Doorstep selling can present a number of risks for an older person” explains Jocelyn Honeywood from WPD.  “We hope that the information within these packs helps minimise the potential for doorstep crime.”


To find out more about the campaign, contact Age UK Derby and Derbyshire on 01773 768 240

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