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Help fight pension scams

07 August 2015

A task force including DWP, Citizens Advice, The Pensions Regulator and other agencies are warning savers to watch out for pension scammers.

Pension scams

Scammers often contact victims out of the blue, offering early access to their cash or promises of get-rich-quick schemes. One man came within a whisker of handing over his entire £90,000 pension pot, but avoided doing so after checking with official government services.


Don't fall for pension scams

Minister of State for Pensions, Baroness Altmann, said: “scammers wreck people’s lives... the criminals behind this illegal activity often lay a sophisticated trap complete with glossy brochures and professional websites that make them look highly credible. Don’t fall for it.”



How to get more information

If you have questions about pension scams, you can…



Watch The Pension Regulator’s video, "Don’t get stung"


Read the "Scamproof your savings" booklet


Share the Minister for Pensions’ advice using the hashtag #pensionscams

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