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We're a local charity working with older people in the London Borough of Ealing to help them enjoy fulfilling lives.

Who We Are

Age UK Ealing is a local independent charity whose objective is to promote the interest of older people in any manner deemed by law to be charitable in and around the London Borough of Ealing.  Age UK Ealing became a brand partner of Age UK (the national charity) in 2011, prior to which the charity was called Age Concern Ealing (ACE). Age Concern Ealing was formed in 2003 by way of merger of four smaller Age Concerns in the borough of Ealing and until recently it was trading as Age UK Ealing

Although, we have been trading as Age UK Ealing for some time, in November 2019, our name was officially changed to Age UK Ealing.  Whilst, the charity is a member of the Age UK national network, it is responsible for raising its own income. 

Our Vision

Our vision is an Age-Friendly Ealing Borough, where older people from all cultures and backgrounds feel valued, connected and engaged with the community.

Our Mission

In challenging times, our purpose remains clear and resolute. Our mission is to promote the wellbeing of all older people in Ealing and empower them to achieve full quality of life.

Our Values

Professional and Accessible

  • Provide quality information, advice and advocacy to help ensure that the best possible quality of life is achieved and be clear about what we can and cannot offer
  • Monitor and evaluate what we do, to ensure we are making a difference
  • Make it easy for people to access information about what we are doing and to access the services we provide

Attentive and Responsive 

  • Ensure older people’s views are listened to and respected
  • Be flexible and responsive in our service planning and delivery 
  • Identify and support the most vulnerable and hard to reach older people in Ealing

Empowering and Supportive

  • Ensure that older people are treated fairly and with dignity and respect
  • Support older people to make choices to enhance their own well-being
  • Speak up for older people on issues that concern them, particularly where there is disadvantage, inequality or exclusion

Collaborative and Inclusive

  • Seek new ideas and better ways of doing things
  • Develop a strong volunteer base from all sections of the local community
  • Work in partnership with other agencies and carers to ensure that the needs of older people are met 

What we do

How to get involved and support us

Contact Us

Our services are currently reduced to telephone support only until further notice due to the Coronavirus situation.

Monday to Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm (closed between 1.00pm and 1.30pm)


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