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Tips for your JustGiving or GoFundMe page 

So you are thinking of raising money for Age UK Ealing? Well, firstly, thank you very much! We really appreciate any and every fundraising effort. It doesn't matter if you are being sponsored to run, walk, bake, stay silent, or any other number of activities – we are hugely grateful for your efforts, and your hard work really helps us to make a difference for older people across the borough of Ealing.

If you are setting up a digital fundraising page to raise money for us, for example via JustGiving, then we have a few top tips for you. Whether you are an experienced fundraiser or just starting out on your first sponsored activity, try some of these suggestions to make the most of your page.

Set your target on the page

Depending on the event, it is always helpful to set a target you want to reach. It will help you to visualise your goal, and allow your sponsors to see the potential impact of their donation in real time.

Use the page's tools to share your story

Most digital fundraising pages have space where you can share a bit of information about why you are raising money. This can be really useful to help sponsors understand your background, and to provide context for the event.

If you have a personal connection to Age UK Ealing, or our work resonates with you for a specific reason, then consider sharing your story with your potential sponsors.

Reach out to friends and family

Many people start their fundraising journey by asking loved ones to sponsor them. You could share the link to your digital page with your friends and family members via text or online message, or simply tell them about it in person.

Of course, it is entirely up to each individual if and how they choose to sponsor you, but telling them where they can find your fundraising page is the first step.

Use social media

If you have any active social media accounts – for example, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or LinkedIn – you can also share your sponsorship page link there. With some accounts, this might just be a post linking to the page whereas with others, such as Instagram, you can add the link to your profile's bio.

Keeping the link active and online helps other people to see it, and it also means your friends and family can then share the message further.

Keep track of any money raised offline

If anyone chooses to sponsor you offline, make sure you update your digital page to reflect this. It helps you keep on track with your target, and also demonstrates your active fundraising efforts to other potential sponsors.

Update your page 

Most digital fundraising platforms allow you to post regular updates. Maybe you are training for a run or preparing for a big sponsored bake – whatever you are doing, sharing photos, videos or short snippets of news on your fundraising page helps to keep people informed and engaged.

Keep it going

Sometimes people might still want to sponsor you even after the event – so don't archive your fundraising page off immediately! Keep it live and update it if you can, so you can continue your sponsorship efforts.