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Please note that as part of our safe recruitment process, you will be required to attend one of our offices in person to verify your documents for the DBS check.

Which of these best describes you current situation ( please tick one only)


Please provide details of two Referees (they must not be relatives or reside at the same address as you)

Referee 1

Referee 2

Emergency Contact

Equality and diversity Form

What is your sex?
Is the gender you identify with the same as your sex registered at birth?
What is your age?
What is your Ethnicity?
Do you have any physical or mental health conditions or illness lasting or expecting to last 12 months or more?
What is your Sexual Orientation?
What is your Religion or Belief?

Conflict of Interest 

For this application to volunteer with Age UK East London we need to ask about potential conflicts of interest.

Please note that should any such conflicts of interests arise or become known and not declared, may result in the volunteering role being suspended or terminated.

Examples of possible conflicts of interest are as follows - by volunteering in the role, you could:

  • Further your own financial interests
  • Benefit a third party with whom they are associated
  • Discriminate against a service user due to their political or religious views or allegiances
  • Refer people to agencies with whom you have a connection
  • Unfairly benefit a service user to whom they are related
  • Be involved with groups whose values are in conflict with those of the Charity


Please can you confirm below that you whether you have any potential conflicts of interest that may be in conflict with volunteering.


Consent form

I give consent for Age UK East London to record and use my personal information and details to help with my volunteer role(s). I understand my record will be kept for 6 years only after the last recorded intervention
I give consent for Age UK East London to contact my referee’s via email or letter
I give consent for Age UK East London to contact me for feedback re my volunteering
I give consent for Age UK East London to share anonymised information about me and my volunteering with funders & in training to help show the impact of the service and help ensure it continues

There are some Age UK East London projects that need to submit monitoring information to the Lead Partner Organisation/ funder(s). On these occasions we will forward your details to the organisation who will store this information on a secure internal recording mechanism.

Samples of Age UK East London’s case files are checked by external auditors to check the quality of our service.  They have a professional duty to keep all information confidential.  We will only let them see files where we have consent to do so.

I consent to external assessors looking at my case file
Multiple or single I consent to being contacted by the following methods (please tick those you are happy with) choice

Useful information about privacy and consent

Your details