Thinking about a charity partnership?

It is a given that supporting a charity is a good thing to do...

but it can also help your business. At Age UK Exeter we are not looking to your business to give us something for nothing. We are committed to developing meaningful partnerships that benefit your business as well as helping us to support older people across the city.

We offer a range of flexible, tailored opportunities to meet the individual needs of businesses.

We are keen to work with small local businesses and branches of larger businesses based in and around Exeter. Whether it is sponsorship of an event, employee volunteering or taking on a fundraising challenge, we guarantee your experience with Age UK Exeter will be a positive one.

What we can do for you

Enhanced PR for your business

We will share news and stories about our partnership on our website, on Twitter and Facebook

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Twitter: over 4,000 followers

Facebook: over 900 followers

Sharing the success

We have a fantastic relationship with press and radio locally and have a number of stories reported on national radio and on local and national TV.

You can share news of your involvement on your own website or within your social media campaign, so that visitors can see the activities you are involved in, showing clients, customers and business partners that your company is dedicated to supporting charitable causes.

Through sponsoring an event you’ll reach your target audience in new ways

Affordable, meaningful team building opportunities

Build a team with us

Traditionally businesses have had to invest in specialist companies to provide team building opportunities.

As a partner of Age UK Exeter you can access great team building opportunities at a fraction of the cost. We are often approached by companies who may be looking for a day’s volunteering for staff as a team.

While we may not have a garden to dig or a wall to paint every time, we can offer an all round personal development and team building opportunity.

image of older people from one of our pop-in groups

Perhaps your staff could organise a Christmas party for older people with food and entertainment?






picture of Webrecruit Solutions staff bake-off competition

Or employees could organise their own fundraising event or activity – something which creates a common goal.



Factoring in a completion or prize for the team who raise the most can bring real added value to everyone involved.

Be seen to be active!

Encouraging and enabling your staff to get involved with a charity like Age UK Exeter could be an important recruitment tool for attracting the top talent to your business.

Employees are more likely to join and stay with a company that actively demonstrates it is ethical and committed to delivering a range of Corporate Social Responsibility activities.  

Employees are proud to work for a company that supports a local charity, leading to increased loyalty and better staff retention.

Having time to make a difference

Lots of people say they don’t have time in the busy home lives to get involved in fundraising for volunteering – even though they would like to.

Enabling your employees to get involved as part of their work life helps them to feel they are making a difference and results in good job satisfaction and self worth.

Retirement can be a stressful and anxious time.

At Age UK Exeter we are committed to helping people to Love Later Life.We can provide talks for staff to help them plan for their retirement to become a rewarding and exciting part of their life. We work with people from the age of 50 so have expertise in a range of issues that can arise around retirement.

We have many retired people who volunteer for us, both on a regular and adhoc basis who tell us that volunteering has made their lives richer.

Our commitment

We believe in a true partnership approach.

When you chose to work with Age UK Exeter, our Partnerships Manager will meet with you to agree a plan of action and ongoing support if required.

If your require advice or guidance with fundraising, this will be available. We will discuss what you hope to get from the partnership and how we can achieve this.

We will show you where the money you raise is spent and the difference it makes. We can introduce you and your employees to the people who are benefitting.

We are a local charity.

We are responsible for all of our fundraising.

We are part of the Age UK family but remain independent and focus on Exeter.

We provide life changing support and advice for thousands of older people and their families in Exeter every year. We know everyone is different so we are creative in offering a wide range of opportunities for people to come together in ways that work for them.

91p in every pound raised in spend on providing activities and opportunities to older people and their families in Exeter.

Age UK Exeter is a member of the Exeter Chamber of Commerce


Donate now

Donate now

You can make a difference today by making a donation to help us meet the needs of older people locally. To donate now via our online giving form, please click the 'Donate Now' button. Thank you.

Give With Confidence


Making a difference locally

Donating money to Age UK Exeter means you are directly supporting our services for older people in Exeter. Age UK is a national charity and separate from us; if you donate to Age UK then the money is used nationally.

We subscribe to the Fundraising Standards Board Charter. For more information, please visit their website:

Please visit our Getting involved page to read our Fundraising Charter.

Age Positive: rather than talk about ‘the elderly’, ‘pensioners’ or ‘OAPs’, which can be excluding or have negative connotations, we use the term ‘older people’. Age UK Exeter is committed to helping people love later life.

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