An easy way of giving to charity on a regular basis

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Payroll giving is a system whereby you can donate money to a registered charity through the payroll system at your work. This is the easiest way of giving on a regular basis to contribute to your local community, and it enables employers and employees to jointly make a difference.

If you decided to donate, say, £10 per month, it will actually cost you just £7.80 because the money is taken out of your gross pay. You don’t have to give £10 a month, you could choose to give £2, £5 or any amount you wish.

It is easy to set up. If your company already has a payroll giving system in place, all you need to do is fill in a form that your employer will give you, and pass it to your payroll department; they will do the rest. Just let them know that you wish to give to Age UK Exeter (charity number: 1010973).

If you would like to donate regularly but do not work, we can also supply a gift aid form which can work in conjunction to a monthly Standing Order donation.

For more information about Payroll Giving, please phone Jacqui Cornish on 01392 202092.

Age Positive: rather than talk about ‘the elderly’, ‘pensioners’ or ‘OAPs’, which can be excluding or have negative connotations, we use the term ‘older people’. Age UK Exeter is committed to helping people love later life.

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