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Power Of Attorney

A lasting power of attorney is a legal document that let's you choose someone you trust to help you make decisions or make decisions on your behalf.

There are two types of LPA:

• LPA for financial decisions

• LPA for health and care decisions

An LPA for financial decisions can cover things such as:

• buying and selling property

• paying the mortgage

• investing money

• paying bills

LPA for health and care decisions:

This covers health and care decisions and can only be used once you have lost mental capacity.

• accommodation

• medical care

Allow special permission to make decisions about life-saving treatment.

Will Writing

Here at Age UK Gateshead, we have locally based solicitors who offer their time to us once a month which enables us to offer a will writing service.

In return for helping to draft a simple will (where everything will just go to the next generation/ friends or business, but doesn't involve trusts etc.), we ask for a payment to Age UK Gateshead of £90 for a single will or £130 for a double (husband and wife or parent and son/daughter) please note a 40% deposit will be taken when booking the appointment.

The initial appointment will be at our office , with signing of the will once ready at the relevant local solicitors office. Both of the solicitors we use are based in central Gateshead.

If you don’t make a will, there are laws which will decide who is entitled to inherit your money and property, but this may not be who you would have wanted to inherit. You should keep your will up to date if your family changes, particularly if you divorce or marry or have children. See our guide 'Making your will' for more information.