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dementia-and-me.gifAge UK Herne Bay & Whitstable are proud delivery partners of the Dementia & Me co-ordinators in the Herne Bay and Whitstable Primary Care Network areas. If you are registered at Whitstable Medical Practice, The Heron Medical Practice, or Park Surgery, you are eligible for support from our Dementia & Me Co-Ordinators, with or without a diagnosis of dementia.

Starting from June 2022, the Dementia & Me Co-ordinators will be a single point of contact for help and support for all things dementia across the area. Our Dementia & Me Co-Ordinators will be able to visit you in your own home, create a support plan, and offer a wide range of support and advice.

Our Dementia & Me Co-Ordinators can help you:

  • Develop an adaptive support plan to help you manage changing needs throughout the dementia journey
  • Highlight the importance of a diagnosis and attend Memory Assessment appointments with you and your carer
  • Identify and arrange access to appropriate support groups for your diagnosis, offering support to take the first steps in these settings
  • By offering emotional support and advice around diagnosis and difficulties arising from dementia symptoms
  • Understand the services available locally and refer to and signpost to a wide variety of organisations with specialist expertise in dementia support or for other support needs

Though your co-ordinator may help you find more specialist advice in some instances, your assigned co-ordinator will remain with you throughout the process and act as a single point of contact, so that you don’t have to see a different person for every problem you may encounter.

If you are registered with Whitstable Medical Practice, your Dementia & Me Co-Ordinator is:

Lainey Farrant
07935 883857 

If you are registered with The Heron Medical Practice or Park Surgery, your Dementia & Me Co-Ordinator is:

Zoe Mead
07716 773441