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Southwark S.A.I.L. (Safe and Independent Living) and Lewisham S.A.I.L. Connections provide a quick and simple way to access a wide range of local services to support older people in maintaining their independence, safety and wellbeing.

Anyone can make a S.A.I.L. referral by simply answering the yes/no questions on the checklist below. Age UK Lewisham and Southwark, working in partnership with local S.A.I.L. agencies, will coordinate and monitor the response.

The checklist enables access to a wide range of support services which improve:

• Health and well-being
• Mental resilience
• Isolation and social exclusion
• Financial inclusion
• Fire safety and wider home security issues
• Safeguarding concerns
• Personal safety and security

Southwark S.A.I.L. is available to Southwark residents over the age of 50.

Lewisham S.A.I.L. Connections™ is available to Lewisham residents over the age of 60.

See the progress our Southwark S.A.I.L.™ service has made by downloading our S.A.I.L. Impact report 2017-2018 here [PDF, 2.4MB].

See details of the exciting first year of our Lewisham S.A.I.L. Connections™ service by downloading our S.A.I.L. Connections Pilot Evaluation 2016-2018 here [PDF, 2MB].

Who to contact:

Southwark S.A.I.L.

Ema Bertacca
Independent Living Services Manager

Lewisham S.A.I.L. Connections

Jordan O'Shea
Lewisham S.A.I.L. Connections Manager

Address: Stones End Day Centre, 11 Scovell Road, London, SE1 1QQ

Tel: 020 7358 4077

Download Southwark S.A.I.L.™ form

Here you can download S.A.I.L. form (checklist) for Southwark, plus an explanatory postcard and guidance notes.

Download Lewisham S.A.I.L. Connections™ form

Here you can download a S.A.I.L. form (checklist) for Lewisham, plus an explanatory postcard.