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A month of marathons

Published on 01 July 2020 10:10 AM

Many older people were living in a form of lockdown before Covid-19, lonely and isolated. For many older people there is no new normal they will continue to live in loneliness & isolation.

We offer a free befriending service. Recruiting & matching volunteer befrienders to older people who are unable to leave their homes. A visit once a week from a smiling face and the opportunity to chat about shared interests is a real lifeline.

Our volunteer Effie & BBC Radio Lincolnshire's Inspirational Young Person Of The Year decided to create a running fundraiser.

We came up with "A Month of Marathons "

The Challenge!

  • Run a half or full marathon in September anywhere on any day!
  • Seek sponsorship per mile £5 -5 miles, £13-13 miles and £26 for 26 miles from as many willing sponsors as you can find!
  • Document your run on your big day and share with us your finish line pose.

Just £5 allows us to send a befriender to an older, lonely and isolated person for one visit.

Sign up here and start running and raising today