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Compassionate Pen Pals

Published on 01 July 2020 11:29 AM

Compassionate Pen Pals will offer local older people the opportunity to engage with a younger person through the age-old medium of letter writing.

"Many older people within our communities have been living in isolation for many years. The recent pandemic has highlighted what it feels like to be lonely and isolated. For many older people this was their reality before and during Covid-19 and it will continue to be so afterwards.  The focus of this project is on preventing loneliness. The generations have much to share and learn from each other, for these students, it is something they want to do for themselves, and to help our local community. It is also a chance to learn more about the lives of older people in Lincolnshire their heritage and culture. We are delighted to support this initiative"

Michele Jolly CEO – Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire