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Annual Report 2019

Annual Report 2019

Published on 27 February 2019 10:14 AM

As we review our last year of delivering services and support to older people it’s very clear to see

that it has been a year of challenge, a year of change and a year for opportunity.

We have experienced the loss of some significant contracts, namely the Wellbeing Service and the

Primary Care Navigators. When I say significant I’m not necessarily talking from an income perspective but rather from the perspective of the importance and value of the services and the

support they allowed us to offer to older people. I am however, pleased to say that the Wellbeing

Service does continue on and is now being delivered by Wellbeing Lincs, a consortium of the local District Councils. Many of our excellent staff who worked on this contract transferred over to the new provider and I’m sure that collectively they will continue to deliver the excellent service that we did as part of our own consortium, the Lincs Independent Living Partnership (LILP).

This year is also a year for celebration as it marks our charities 60th year of delivering services and

support to the older people of, initially Lincoln and the surrounding area and latterly Lincoln

and the entire area that is South Lincolnshire. This is due to the closure of one local Age UK and our merger with another to create Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire as we are now known. This is a trend that we are seeing all too often, not only across the Age UK network but

across the charity sector on the whole, as funding cuts continue, costs increase and demands on

our services continue to grow. The challenges we face to ensure that we are able to provide services and support to our beneficiaries are ever present but the team of staff and volunteers that we are privileged to have, work tirelessly to ensure we do just that. The world in which we are operating has

changed considerably since Frank Eccleshare established the City of Lincoln Association for

Care of the Elderly in 1958 and I am proud of how we have adapted ourselves and our services to

continue to meet the ever present needs of older people in our area, this is almost entirely down

to the dedicated team of staff and volunteers I have mentioned above.

I hope that you will enjoy looking back over our year of activity for 2017/18 and I can assure you

that we are committed to continue to deliver services and support to the high standards we

have done for the last 60’s years for the next 60 at least.

Michele Jolly CEO

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