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Danny & Jessie's Story

Published on 18 June 2021 09:34 AM

When we meet ‘the one’ we hope they will always be with us in our lives and for some, it’s a dream to always be with that special person. Saying ‘I do’ is a promise to love and cherish our partners. Being separated during any normal time would be difficult enough, but throughout the global pandemic, we have had to adapt our support like many others - This is how we met Danny and Jessie.

Danny and Jessie have been married for 69 years. The couple met in Blackpool when Danny was in the RAF and Jessie was working in her 20’s. Together, they have three children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

They both have two cards from the Queen, for their 60th and 65th Anniversaries and eagerly hope to receive one for their 70th anniversary - which the couple will celebrate this coming August.

In August 2020, unfortunately, Jessie was taken ill and was admitted to hospital and then into a care home in September. Due to Covid regulations, Danny was only able to visit twice a week for 30 minutes behind a Perspex screen. He now resides alone and misses Jessie terribly. For Danny and Jessie, this is only the second time the couple has been away from each other; when in the early 70s Danny had to do 9 months unaccompanied, but the pair managed a sneaky holiday in Cyprus together during that period.

As restrictions have eased, Danny has been able to visit Jessie’s care home for longer visits and this photo captures the moment that he could finally hold his wife’s hand and be close to her.

These recent times have tested many of us – our resilience, but it has not affected our compassion, our heart, and the love we share for others.

At Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire we are currently supporting this couple with our Response and Telecare Service; and we are supporting their daughter, Deborah, who is a part of Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire Response Team by offering her flexibility to support her family.

If we can support you or a loved one, please do not hesitate to call us on 03455 564144 or email