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Befriending Week 2022: Vince & Duncan's Story

Published on 01 November 2022 03:15 PM

Vince has been a befriender with Age UK Lincoln and South Lincolnshire for a long time, and his befriending client was a gentleman named Duncan.
Duncan lived alone and didn’t have many opportunities to enjoy a proper conversation, which is why he reached out to our Befriending service. Duncan was matched with Vince, and as they say, the rest was history!
Their conversations were full of memories, interesting stories, and anecdotes from the previous week. Topics ranged from Lincoln Castle, memories of the RAF, pancakes with syrup, and egg and cress sandwiches!
Vince came up with the idea of writing quizzes for Duncan: something to keep his mind busy and a fun activity for them to do together. As the weeks went by, so did the quizzes; before they knew it, they’d totted up over 100 quizzes between them.
Sadly earlier this year, Duncan was taken into hospital. Vince finished writing Quiz number #102 and printed it off ready to take in for Duncan. Sadly, when Vince arrived at the hospital, he was informed that Duncan had passed away.
Of Duncan, Vince said: "I will miss our conversations. We'd start talking about one thing, and about six topics down the line we'd be onto something entirely different! That's the beauty of a natural conversation. I'm very sad to have lost him".


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