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Age UK Mid Mersey believes quality of life is possible for all, no matter our age, personal circumstance or background. We offer a genuine and inclusive service working with people aged 50+ who live in the Mid Mersey area (Halton, St Helens, Warrington and Knowsley). We deliver a personal approach that listens to our clients' needs and works with them to help achieve the outcome that they identify. We are holistic and person-centered, meaning we provide one to one personalised information and advice, activities and support, helping people achieve a quality of life that enables them to live independantly in the way that they choose. Our key themes include:

  • Health & Wellbeing 
  • Social Inclusion
  • Personal Independance
  • Staying Connected 

Our team are skilled, experienced and dedicated to making a difference to the communities we serve. Age UK Mid Mersey are leading pioneering work alongside working in partnership on specialist programmes. Some examples are:

  • Prosper - a personal independence clinical trial around frailty 
  • Veteran Programme - a project addressing loneliness and isolation amongst veterans 

We are commited to being an accessible and inclusive organisation and have prioritised equality, diversity and inclusion. The whole organisation has undergone training and skills development and we are embarking on some exciting work in this area.

All the work we do and services we provide address local needs. We are aware of the movement across health and social care sectors, with intergrated care systems and changes that are imminent for localities. We appriciate the ever-increasing demands on all services and the compounding issues of COVID's impact, especially on our more vulnerable population. We are a trusted organisation that is seeing a more challanging situation, which our clients are living with. Our aim is to work alongside our partners, providing the much needed early intervention and prevention services that can and will reduce the impact of these issues.