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The Countrymen Club

men gardening

Published on 12 October 2020 07:23 PM

The Countrymen Club at Meadow Well Connected

Countrymen Club provides a service to men who have worked in farming or horticulture or in any other countryside and outdoor environments; or men who have simply enjoyed being outdoors as part of their leisure interests.

  • You may be retired or you’ve been forced to give up work for health reasons.
  • You may be feeling isolated and out of touch because of your health condition or location.
  • Whatever your background, you would still enjoy being out in the countryside and out in the fresh air, just chatting or being as active as you like, alongside others who share your experiences and interests.
  • You may be able to do a lot, or only do a little, but that’s ok because there’s something for almost everyone.

Countrymen UK Groups around the country deal with a diverse range of men with many different health conditions, including: anxiety, stroke, Parkinsons, dementia, depression, respiratory & lung conditions, isolation & loneliness, bipolar disorder, injuries, heart disease, PTSD, arthritis, pain and cancer.

Countrymen Club members will all have their own ideas about work, relaxation and fun but, whatever your ideas may be, Countrymen Club will listen and respond as best as they can.

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Meadow Well Connected are now part of the Countrymen UK Network and participate in the Countrymen UK Monitoring and Evaluation project, which is carried out by the University of Essex.


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