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Our Advocacy service is free, independent and confidential.

Advocacy is taking action to empower you to say what you want, secure your rights, represent your interests and obtain services you need.

  • Are you over 50 and live in Northumberland?
  • Do you need help speaking up for yourself?
  • Do you want to find out what your rights are?
  • Do you need help accessing and dealing with health and social care
  • Would you like help making a complaint?
  • Would you like help writing letters or making phone calls?
  • Do you want help preparing for and attending meetings?

The Age UK Northumberland Advocacy Service

  • How we can help

    Advocates and advocacy schemes work in partnership with the people they support to find out what they need and take their side. We do this in various ways including information and self-help guidance, obtaining specialist services and one to one support. We can chat over the telephone, visit you at home or meet you in an alternative convenient location.

    Advocacy is about giving you a voice and a choice 

  • Are you living with a long term condition?

    do you feel you aren't being listened to when you go to appointments? do you feel anxious and/or confused about your condition and treatment options? would you like someone to support you to express your wishes? do you feel that you don't know what support is available to you? are you finding it difficult to cope on your own?

    Contact our Long Term Conditions Team 

For a free and confidential chat about how we could help you, please contact us on: 01670 784 800

Please note that the Advocates are not in the office at all times, please leave them a message if they are not available and they will return your call.