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Older people in Oxfordshire speaking up

Our Get the Picture project works to ensure that older people and carers in Oxfordshire have their voices heard and have the opportunity to influence important decisions that affect their lives.

Listening to the experiences and concerns of those who may have been less heard, or less inclined to speak up, we will work together to raise important issues and send strong messages to the right people in the right places. 

Issues will be highlighted using a combination of creative means – including photographs, film, written and spoken word. We believe that this will be a striking and effective way of ‘speaking truth to power’ and influencing change.


Bereavement group talk about what can be done about loneliness

In the film bereavement group support members Lynne, Joan and Jenny talk movingly about their experience of loneliness after losing their husbands and how things like support groups, hobbies, pets and local churches can really help. At the end they urge everyone to start a conversation with their neighbours to help alleviate loneliness they may face.

The film premiered at a recent ‘Loneliness Summit’ inspired by the Jo Cox Loneliness Commission to raise awareness about loneliness and older people in Oxfordshire. The summit encouraged people to ‘start a conversation’ and explore what action can be taken locally and nationally to combat the issue, which has such a devastating impact on people’s health and happiness.”


What will happen when I am no longer around?

Older family carers share their concerns for the future when supporting a family member with a learning disability in Oxfordshire. Get the Picture made this with Oxfordshire Family Support Network's new Em.bold.en  project that aims to give carers a louder voice.



Wini and Anthony on Protecting Attendance Allowance

Antony from Oxford has Parkinson's and Parkinson’s related dementia and is cared for by his wife, Wini. Attendance Allowance pays for them to get taxis to the GP, use a cleaner and help out with the laundry.


Happy Place on health and wellbeing of older Chinese speaking community in Oxford.

In spring Get the Picture 2016 an Age UK Oxfordshire Campaign Project worked with members of the 'Happy Place' in Oxford to look at health and wellbeing of older Chinese-speaking people, and how it could be improved.

We would very much like to hear from anyone for whom Get the Picture strikes a chord - as an older person, family member or professional.We would also like to hear from anyone interested in volunteering with us.

Please call 07741 261 414 or email us at

To see more videos from 'Get the Picture' please click on the link to view the them on our Youtube channel