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Action against ageism

Published on 11 March 2024 01:01 PM

Local, independent charity, Age UK Oxfordshire, is backing a new campaign from the Centre for Ageing Better which sets out to highlight the issue of ageism. With new data revealing half of adults aged over 50 in England have experienced age discrimination in the last year, the campaign, Age Without Limits, aims to change the way we all think about ageing, tackle prejudices and empower people to age with confidence.

Ageism is the stereotyping, prejudice and/ or discrimination against people based on their age. It’s a prejudice that’s hidden in plain sight and is the in the UK. Research shows that across the UK, over a third of people hold ageist beliefs. Furthermore, over half of people 50+ have experienced ageism in the past year, meaning that over 137,000 older people in Oxfordshire alone have likely been affected by it.  

Paul Ringer, CEO of Age UK Oxfordshire said: “Ageism is affecting more than half of people over 50, and with a growing older population in Oxfordshire, it’s so important that we all start thinking more about it. Like any kind of discrimination, ageism can happen in big, obvious ways and in smaller, day-to-day interactions. Most people don't realise the things they say, or think are ageist, and while it’s a prejudice that impacts people of any age, it can have a profoundly damaging impact on us as we get older, affecting mental and physical health and finances, as well as the economy and wider society.”

Age UK Oxfordshire is calling on everyone in the county to learn more about ageism, consider whether they might hold ageist beliefs, and start challenging ageism through everyday conversations.

Paul said, “Ageism is so ingrained in society, we barely notice it. Starting to challenge it when we come across it in everyday conversations is a great way to help other people to start understanding ageism, reflecting and thinking differently. As a charity we believe that everyone, everywhere, has a stake in changing how we all view older age, and that together, we can create a truly inclusive society where, regardless of their age, people can feel at home and lead a life of dignity, respect and opportunity.”

Learn more about ageism and how you can start challenging it here.

The national Age Without Limits Action Day will take place on Wednesday 20th March this year and is a chance for everyone to do something to change the way we all think and act about age and ageing.