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Launch of new falls prevention programme, Stay Strong and Steady

Published on 18 September 2023 11:31 AM

Helping older people across Oxfordshire to Stay Strong and Steady

We are pleased to launch a new falls prevention programme this week during Falls Prevention Awareness Week. Working in collaboration with Move Together (a project delivered by Active Oxfordshire and the district councils) the initiative will support older people across the county.

Stay Strong and Steady is a falls prevention exercise and information programme for those over 65 who have fallen or are at risk of falling. The free programme will support people to keep moving and doing everyday activities, so that they maintain health, mobility and confidence to remain independent.

Locally, falls are the largest cause of emergency hospital admissions for older people – during 2021/2 in Oxfordshire there were 3005 emergency hospital admissions for falls in people aged 65+. There were also 3,232 ambulance callouts for people who had fallen and needed to be picked up from the floor, 39% of these were conveyed to hospital.

Falls in later life often lead to a reduction in independence and increased social isolation and affect long term outcomes for individuals. Falls that result in injury can be devastating, and of those suffering a hip fracture, only one in three people return to former levels of independence and a further third leave their own homes and move to long-term care.

The evidence-based community exercise programme is expected to prevent falls in 26% of participants, resulting in a positive impact on people’s health outcomes and a reduction in both pressure and costs on the health and social care system. Based on a target of 1,920 participants over the life of the project, this equates to 520 falls prevented.

Stay Strong and Steady is available in-person at community hub sites, online via Zoom, or through an at home programme, with the best option for a person discussed through a triage call.

After the initial programme, participants will be encouraged to continue with a personalised plan to maintain progress and activity levels.


Read the full press release here.