Older lady and friendThe service is also for people who have lost confidence and dropped out of social activities or their day-to-day tasks of living.

Working with a team of specially trained volunteers who are supported by a Coordinator, and based wholly on the wishes and needs identified by the individual, a short-term programme of typically 8 to 12 weeks is planned and agreed.

The service aims to support the older person to achieve specific goals, increase confidence, engage with social networks and to provide  access to information, services and facilities. All these things we do with individuals, not for them.

The service operates an open referral system within Salford so anyone can approach the charity on behalf of themselves, a relative or friend.

The Coordinator is keen to recruit additional volunteers with a friendly manner, common sense and empathy. Training and expenses will be provided.

Making a difference

Mrs W is 77 years old and went with her husband to the Accident and Emergency department at the local hospital, as Mr W had fallen down the stairs. Sadly Mr W died the following day. He had been the person who had dealt with all the financial aspects of their lives, and they had done everything together.

Mrs W had been devastated by the loss, was still in shock and had no close relatives. With support, Mrs W gradually gained confidence and is now in a position to manage all of her finances. She is also using taxis to go out shopping, and is gradually regaining her independence.

Want to volunteer?

Find out further information about volunteering with Age UK Salford here and for an application pack.

If you would like any additional information, please contact the volunteer coordinator: Jane.Holt@ageuksalford.org.uk.

For more information about the Social Rehabilitation Service, please contact Cath Barningham using the details below.