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Physical activity videos available from the charities behind We Are Undefeatable

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The series – Make Your Move - aims to support people to be active at home and is available Here on YouTube.

The charities hope the online videos will motivate people to be active in a way that works for them, using simple and varied instructed activities that are designed to improve strength, balance, coordination and energy and reduce stress, and are suitable for a variety of activity levels. 

There are 6 different physical activity sessions, each around 15 minutes long with a chance to take pauses throughout, and no specialist equipment needed.  The sessions are:

  1. Dance with Anne
  2. Energy with Alex
  3. Balance with Sandra
  4. Strength with Alex
  5. Boxing with Michelle
  6. Mindfulness with Sandra

Each one can be tried independently of the others, in any order. No experience or knowledge of a specific activity is needed.

Developed by experienced instructors, the videos offer three different ways of doing the exercises - from a chair, assisted and standing, and have an introduction from Dr Andrew Boyd, GP and Clinical Champion for Physical Activity.    

They focus on ensuring the audience are being mindful of the day-to-day fluctuations in  symptoms and therefore their ability to perform the activities. The sessions are accompanied by appropriate safety messages, instructions and signposting to more information and support. 

How can you get it? 

The video is available on YouTube


We Are Undefeatable is a movement supporting people with a range of long-term health conditions, developed by 16 leading health and social care charities and backed by expertise, insight and significant National Lottery funding from Sport England.

We are compiling this list of online activities and resources that can be done at home to help keep yourself entertained and in the best spirit possible during this time. We will try to update regularly so please check back for updates.

Things for the body

GreaterSport – Greater Manchester Sports Partnership have provided plenty top tips and evidence based recommendations for older adults to keep active during this time. The University of Manchester Policy Research team for older adults have provided the most up to date and correct resources for us to use. Their website is 

The British Heart Foundation also have 10 minute living room workout video on Youtube and a quick search on Youtube will also bring up plenty of other excerise routines ranging from chair excercises to full hour work outs if you are feeling energetic!

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy have a simple set of exercises designed especially for older people to help everyone stay active at home. To view the excercise video and more information click here or to download as a 1 page document that can be printed click here

Moving more at home - Armchair Aerobics

Moving more at home - Youtube Yoga

Things for the mind

Why not catch up on some reading, if you have books at home you've been meaning to read what better time! If you've read everything in the house why not try the Open Library archive at its free to make an account and there are lots of books that are free or available for free for 14 days to read.

Google's Arts and Culture website has a huge amount of content. From art, places of interest and historical events there's plenty to explore and look at.

There are a number websites for Museums that have some great content. The National History Museum and the Smithsonian Institution are a couple of great examples.

Youtube has lots of video content about pretty much anything you can imagine, from wildlife documentaries to music and everything in between.

In this blog, first published by Starting Point Community Learning Partnership on 6th April 2020, Ryan McMurdo describes how StartingPoint have adapted their digital skills training provision to working remotely and offers some tips for activities to boost your mental health during this time of social distancing and self-isolation.