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Age UK Stockport relies on volunteers to help us offer vital services in the local community. Would you like to lend a hand?


Apply to volunteer

If you would like to find out more about volunteering for Age UK Stockport before applying give us a call to have an informal chat on 0161 480 1211

We would like to share these video's with you about how our wonderful Volunteers help us, along with some amazing statistics about Volunteers across the UK.


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Government research looking at volunteering during the response to covid 19 which was published in January 2021 found COVID-19 has seen innumerable acts of kindness, giving unpaid help to people who are not relatives - referred to as informal volunteering.

47% of people informally volunteered during the pandemic and 52% of those were helping people affected by COVID-19. These informal volunteers were more likely to carry out certain tasks than in the pre-pandemic period:

  • keeping in touch with someone who has difficulty getting out and about (58% of regular informal volunteers from March to July, compared to 43% before)
  • shopping, collecting items, medicine etc. (49% compared to 23% before).

These volunteers were less likely to carry out tasks like helping by transporting or escorting someone (23% pre-pandemic vs. 8% from March to July).

Volunteers have played a vital role in the response to this crisis. And they continue to do so.

You can read the full report at

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer we would encourage you to read our General Guidance sheet for all volunteer positions.

General Guidance Sheet L3-VOL-GEN

Volunteering roles with Age UK Stockport

  • Events Engagement

    Planning, preparing and carrying out a range of varied events and activities for Age UK Stockport, Events Engagement offers particularly flexible volunteering opportunities.

  • Admin & Reception

    The role offers good volunteering opportunities covering the two offices, and involves responding to all callers positively, directing within Age UK Stockport as appropriate or signposting where necessary, and also assisting in basic enquiries. 

Educate volunteering

EDUCATE (Early Dementia Users’ Co-operative Aiming to Educate) is an award winning group of people with dementia. EDUCATE gives people with dementia a voice.

> EDUCATE (Early Dementia Users’ Co-operative Aiming to Educate)

Why volunteer with us?

Age UK Stockport believes that age needs respect. It needs kindness. Sometimes it needs help. We use our specialist knowledge and over 25 years of local experience to deliver a wide range of support and services. All we do is designed to encourage choice, independence and wellbeing in later life.

Our volunteers’ time, knowledge and commitment is essential to supporting many local older people. Volunteering with Age UK Stockport gives you the chance to have a great time whilst helping others. Whether you have a lot of time or a little, there are volunteering opportunities available.

As a volunteer, you can

  • Work with groups or with individuals
  • Work in the office, behind the scenes
  • Support events or fundraising activities
  • Work with groups or individuals
  • Work in the community with the public
  • Use professional, practical or technical skills

What you can gain as a volunteer

  • Gain new skills and experiences
  • Meet new and interesting people
  • You can claim out of pocket expenses
  • Access appropriate training
  • Enhance your CV
  • Work with the backing and support of a professional organisation
  • Insurance cover
  • Have a good time!