Age UK Stockport provides a variety of practical support services.

Handy Help

The Handy Help service offers minor repairs which are usually too small for contractors or commercial businesses to undertake for example;

  • Property health check - Age UK Stockport workers can carry out a property check to spot any issues or potential issues before they become major problems, and can provide advice on where to go for help
  • Gardening - covering a range of short term gardening support
  • Assistance - where jobs are beyond the scope or skills of the Handy Help team, they can provide information about local tradesmen based on a great deal of local knowledge and experience

Shopping and pension collection

Easy Shop provides a regular, reliable shopping service based on a person's individual needs, and offers flexible timing for both ordering and deliveries.

Personal shops are available to people who only require a small shop each week or fortnight and who may not manage to access the Easy Shop service.

The information and support service provides access to pension and benefits information for people who otherwise would be unable to access their money on a regular basis.