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The Back Home team are here to work with people leaving hospital and other community based beds, to get them home as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We work with each person for up to six weeks from date of discharge. Firstly we will put in place anything practical they might require in order to return home. Then we will work with people on wider aspects of their life, encouraging them to make longer term changes and linking
them with others so that they are less at risk of going back into hospital. 

The Back Home team is based in the Integrated Transfer Team at Stepping Hill Hospital.

The service is available over seven days between 9am-5pm.
If you would like to make a referral please contact:
0161 419 5880 (Monday – Friday 10 am - 4 pm)

Back Home… is delivered in partnership between
The Prevention Alliance and Wellbeing at Home

This Age UK Stockport Service is a specialist and independent service for Stockport residents on all matters relating to care in residential or nursing homes. It provides advice, information, active assistance and support to people in care or who are considering their care options, including seeking placement into a residential or nursing home.

The Service is for:-
- older people, their families and carers, who are considering care choices, from the community, interim or intermediate care or people being discharged from hospital (including hospitals outside Stockport)
- people already in long term care and their families, who may have issues, concerns or are considering moving
- professional workers wanting local up-to-date information and assistance

Age UK Stockport staff have built up considerable knowledge of nursing and residential care homes in the Stockport area and are well informed of what each individual home can offer to prospective residents. The aim of the service is to help older people to select a care home which, as far as possible, offers a satisfactory quality of life and is compatible with their individual needs, wishes and interests.

The Service also offers advice and support to people who are already living in nursing or residential care homes by providing, for example, information on residents’ rights and giving active help in assisting residents to resolve problems. The Service works closely with partners in the National Health Service (NHS) and Adult Social Care, Stockport Council.

For more detailed information, please contact the Placement Service Team as detailed below:

BASED at Stepping Hill Hospital 

arrangements can be made to meet on the ward

TELEPHONE on 0161 419 5880 or 0161 419 4869