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Age UK Stockport provides a range of support for general wellbeing.

For those meeting the criteria for urgent or short-term assistance under the Wellbeing at Home service (see page here) these may be provided free, otherwise charges may apply. 

Services include:


Handy Help & Gardening 

The Handy Help service provides minor house repairs to help keep your home safe and as you would want. These are often smaller handy help type jobs that contractors or commercial businesses would not typically undertake. We also offer one-off or regular gardening services.

Where jobs are beyond the scope or skills of the Handy Help team, we can assist by providing information about local tradespeople based on a great deal of local knowledge and experience.  However, please note this is NOT a referral or a recommendation and any arrangement will be between you and the tradespeople. Please read our guidance here whenever dealing with trades people. 

HH Guidance re Trades - Click to open 

Shopping and pension collection

Various types of other practical support are available as part of support provided under our general Support Services – Tandem Care.

Information & Advice

The information and support service provides a wide range of general information including practical support to access to pension and benefits information for people who otherwise would be unable to access their money on a regular basis. To go to our Information and Advice page click here


Age UK Stockport has a number of activities and social events in your local area.

Befriending Service

Support provided by a team of experienced and committed volunteers who make regular home visits to those that are unable to get out and about.  Our volunteers will also support and encourage each person to find other ways for social engagement.

Isolation and Social Engagement Project

We are working to reduce isolationby working with people who would like a bit of support. The aim is to prevent things from getting worse and working towards better wellbeing and independence as you want it. For more information please click here

Day Services

A range of day services including community activities for those with varying needs. To view our Step Out Day Services click here


Age UK Stockport offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities. For more information visit our volunteering page by clicking here