Remembering Age UK Stockport in your Will can help safeguard the future of local older people. No matter how small your gift is you will make a real difference.

Leaving a Legacy

Legacies gifted to Age UK Stockport will help us to maintain vital local services for local older people. By leaving a gift you can be certain that your wishes to help the charity continue to support generations to come will be met.


Legacies - A lasting way to be rememberedPlease remember Age UK Stockport is an independent local charity so if you wish to benefit the local organisation it is important to specifically leave your gift to Age UK Stockport.

Everyone who remembers Age UK Stockport in their Will is making sure that a local older person - sometime, somewhere - will get the helping hand they need.

Donations in Wills (Legacies) contribute greatly to our income, and the need for our services is set to rise dramatically. In the coming years Age UK Stockport will be needed more than ever, because we are growing older and the percentage of people over 60 in the Borough is set to continue rising.


Local older people’s lives could be transformed by you remembering Age UK Stockport in your Will.

Whether you are considering writing your Will for the first time, or are making a change or addition to your existing Will, it is a wonderful opportunity to leave a legacy to your favourite local charity. We recommend you get legal advice to be sure your wishes will be followed.

It goes without saying that your primary concern will be for those closest to you, whether it be family or friends. The most important thing is that your Will reflects your true wishes, and takes into account your changing circumstances over the years.

Once you are happy that your family and friends have been taken care of, you may like to leave a legacy to a local voluntary organisation such as Age UK Stockport. Charitable institutions rely heavily on the generosity of the public in maintaining their support and services.

Different types of Legacies

Once you have made provision for your family and friends, there are different ways in which you may choose to leave a Legacy to Age UK Stockport.

Pecuniary Legacy
A Pecuniary Legacy is the gift of a specified sum of money, eg. I leave the sum of £100 to Age UK Stockport.

Residuary Legacy
A Residuary Legacy is the gift of the residue of your estate once all other obligations - debts, Legacies, taxes and fees - have been met. The Legacy may also be a percentage of the residue, eg. the residue of the estate is to be split equally between Age UK Stockport and other named organisations.

Specific Legacy
A Specific Legacy is the gift of a specified item such as a piece of jewellery, stocks and shares, household items or even the house itself. Eg. I leave the shares in Apple Inc to Age UK Stockport.

Donations in Memory - a lasting way to be remembered
Another form of gift you may like to consider is a Donation in Memory in lieu of flowers. Sadly flowers fade but the benefit of a donation can change someone’s life forever.

Have you considered how you would best like to be remembered at your funeral? The same thought may also occur if you are arranging the funeral of a friend or loved one. Flowers are beautiful, but within days they have faded. There is another, more enduring way for friends and family to pay tribute. In this way you can keep on helping older people long after you are gone. If you believe in the work we do here in Stockport you can ask for donations instead of flowers at your funeral. You may also want to pay tribute to a family member or friend by making a special gift to Age UK Stockport in their memory.

You can do this for your own funeral by leaving instructions in your Will or expression of wishes. Discuss your intentions with the Funeral Director, and ensure family and friends are notified by making a note in your funeral plan as well as in your Will. It would also be helpful to let us know, so we can thank you now for your generous gesture. Those nearest to you will feel they are doing something really worthwhile in your memory.

Any such gift is always welcome, and your thoughtfulness will make sure that an older person, somewhere, has the advice and help they need.

Further information and contact

If you would like further details, assistance or to let us know that you have included Age UK Stockport in your Will to help us plan for the future contact us:

Age UK Stockport


56 Wellington Street



Tel: 0161 480 1211



Please remember Age UK Stockport is an independent local charity (Charity Number: 1139547) so if you wish to benefit the local organisation it is important to specifically leave your gift to Age UK Stockport.