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Information & Advice case study
Outcome: Backdated benefits in excess of £2000

A lady in her eighties contacted us when her 88 year old husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers. She had long-standing health problems, as awaiting surgery and was feeling low because of her husband’s diagnosis.

She wanted help claiming Attendance Allowance for her husband and opted to complete the forms at our offices, as her husband was unaware of his diagnosis. After cancelling a couple of appointments with us due to ill health she decided not to pursue the claim.

Our advisor encouraged her to continue and carried out a full benefit check, establishing that she was entitled to Pension Credit and Carers Allowance and her husband was entitled to Attendance Allowance. It was a lengthy process and as she was going into hospital she wanted to abandon the claim. We encouraged her to continue and she was eventually awarded backdated Attendance Allowance of £77.45pw, Pension Credit of £90.88 with in excess of £2,000 arrears and is expecting to get Carers Allowance of £28.65pw.

The client was amazed they were entitled to so much and said she wouldn’t have been able to do it without our support, especially our volunteer who encouraged her to carry on with the claim. It has enabled her to get help with heavy domestic jobs, replace some of their savings and put the heating on earlier in winter.

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