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Information & Advice case study
Outcome: Weekly income increased by £116.95

A 70 year old lady living alone had suffered a series of strokes and enquired about getting a Blue Badge as she was finding it difficult to park near her local supermarket when going shopping.

We completed the application, and our advisor suggested that she could also apply for Attendance Allowance as well due to her bad health. After visiting her at home we completed and submitted the application forms for her.

As a result, not only was she awarded a Blue Badge, but was also awarded Attendance Allowance and therefore entitled to Pension Credit and reduced Council Tax.

This amounted to an increase in her weekly income of £116.95.

The client told us she was so excited to get her Blue Badge and that it would transform her life, recalling that at one point in a supermarket she’d returned her trolley but couldn’t walk back to her car without it. She ended up sitting on the ground exhausted until two men came to her assistance and carried her back to her car.

“As a result of your lovely lady’s kind visit, I am now in receipt of Attendance Allowance and increase to my pension credit. Also, due to her superb advice, I now have a blue badge parking permit. There aren’t words to express my very deep gratitude to your fantastic organisation and this very special lady!’’

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