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Information & Advice case study
Outcome: Annual award of £6896.76

Cheryl was nearing her 70s and was still working 2 days a week, which she was finding very difficult. Her savings were dwindling fast and she was worried that if she fully retired she would not be able to pay her rent and would get into money difficulties.

One of our advisors carried out a full benefit check for Cheryl and discovered she was entitled to Housing Benefit and a Council Tax reduction which could be back dated for 3 months. They also advised that if she did fully retire she would be entitled to Pension Credit.

Cheryl immediately retired from her job and put in claims for Housing Benefits of £96.91 per week, Council Tax reduction of £15.00 per week and Pension Credit of £20.72 per week.

To Cheryl’s delight, all her entitlements were awarded, totalling an annual amount of £6896.76. 

Cheryl sent a thank you card to our team: ‘’Just want to say a massive thank you for all your help in sorting out my Housing Benefit, Council Tax and Pension Credit. I am now happily retired and looking after myself and enjoying every minute.”

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