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However good the practices of an organisation, it is always possible for mistakes to be made, and there are bound to be at least a few people who feel that they have grounds for complaint.  Therefore, it is important that Age UK Westminster has an effective complaints procedure.

Experience has shown that prompt and sensitive handling of complaints at an early stage can prevent an issue from becoming a formal complaint.  Often these are resolved simply by listening and, where appropriate, an assurance that the same circumstances will not arise again

Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures

The introduction of this Complaints Procedure should not be confused with existing disciplinary and grievance procedures.  The Complaints Procedure provides a mechanism for service users to register their concerns, but it should not be used by members of staff or volunteers.

Staff or volunteers wishing to register a concern should follow the existing code of practice in respect of the Grievance Procedure.

However, on occasions a complaint may highlight issues of serious concern which require the enactment of disciplinary procedures as set out in the Staff Handbook

The Procedure

A complainant has the right to register a complaint formally if they so wish and the right to withdraw a complaint at any time.

There are three distinct stages of the procedure:

Step 1 - The Informal Approach

Step 2 - The Formal Approach

Step 3 - The Review Panel

Download our Complaints Policy & Procedure

Age UK Westminster Policy 006: COMPLAINTS POLICY & PROCEDURE May 2019