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Find out here about activities and events taking place at Age UK Westminster.

Newsletter – w/c 2nd August 2020

Greetings from Age UK Westminster

We hope you are keeping well.

Our newsletter contains details of activities we hope will interest you and make life more enjoyable during lockdown.

If you would like to attend any of our activities or need help to install ZOOM please do contact us.

If you would like to attend a book reading activity or a poetry reading activity on ZOOM please do contact us.

We continue to provide Advice and Information and Telephone Befriending if you would like a friendly chat.

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For details of other activities within the community see the rest of this page.

To register for the e-Newsletter

If you would like to receive a copy of the Age UK Westminster e-Newsletter to register please send us your email address with the subject being "Newsletter" to:

Summer programme of activities 

We are in the process of organising a Summer programme of outdoor activities and events and intend to arrange exercise workouts outdoors in green spaces and Park walks. Walking through the rose gardens and by the lake and stopping for coffee in the sunshine. Hopefully we can arrange group visits to museums, galleries and London Zoo.

If you would like to join us please contact Souad Abdellaoui:


Tel: 07903 255384

Tate Gallery Virtual Tours

Enjoy Art wherever you are and explore the Tate Gallery online:

Poetry Reading - Monday 3rd August 2.00pm - 4.00pm

The Poetry Reading session has become popular and we have heard several poetry recitals learning a little about each poet. Choose your favorite poem to be recited to the group, discuss what it means to you and listen to other guest’s favorites. Each week there will be a theme for poetry selections and the theme this week is ‘BIRDS’ and attendees will choose one classic and one contemporary poem.

This group will meet via ZOOM. Please send your selected poem to Souad so that we can share with the group beforehand.

‘Poetry is the record of the best and happiest moments of the happiest and best minds.’Shelley

If you would like to attend please contact Souad Abdellaoui:


Tel: 07903 255384

Mens’ Group - Tuesday 4th August 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Our first Mens’ Group was very successful providing a long list of ideas for activities that can be provided after Lockdown including Garden stations. Come along for chat and conversation on ZOOM and discuss what activities you would like to be organized as a group now and in the future. We will be holding a Mens’ Group every fortnight.

This is your chance to make new friends and to be involved in social activities.

If you would like to attend please contact Stephen Spavin:


Tel: 07969 30251

Favourite Song Request Session - Wednesday 5th August 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Our Music sessions have been extremely successful and they have been a big hit! We will be holding another 'Song Request' session on ZOOM from the 1950's to the present day hosted by DJ 'Silver Fox'. Let the memories flow and the nostalgia of the times be revisited once more.

Send your request for the playlist by Tuesday 4th August and listen to your favourite track on the day. Headphones attached to your mobile/laptop may give the best sound.

If you would like to attend please contact Souad Abdellaoui:


Tel: 07903 255384

Group Chat Afternoon - Thursday 6th August 2.00pm-4.00pm

We hold ZOOM Chat Afternoons every week for social chat and conversation to break the monotony of 'Lockdown'.

Come along unwind and make new friends. Why not bring your favourite recipe to the meeting and share it with everyone.

This requires you to install ZOOM and once you have installed you will receive an email giving instructions on how to join the Chat Afternoon.

Instructions on the ZOOM video installation are attached How to use Zoom 

If you would like to attend please contact Souad Abdellaoui


Tel: 07903 255384

Techy/iTea Party 2.00pm-4.00pm Friday 7th August - Supported by the Singapore High Commission

Come and join us for one to one support with your digital device. Support is provided by staff from the Singapore High Commission who have supported our iTea Parties in the past.

Learn new skills and develop your knowledge as we are now more aware that we need to be connected in this the Digital Age. Learn how to shop online, join whatsapp, register with social media sites, search the internet, Zoom and much more.

This activity will be via ZOOM

If you would like to attend please contact Souad Abdellaoui:


Tel: 07903 255384

‘ALEXA’ 2.00pm-4.00pm Friday 14th August

A presentation by Gareth Scott of 3Discovery.

Come along and discover the real benefits of using an ‘Alexa’- a virtual assistant AI technology developed by Amazon. It is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audio books, providing weather, traffic, sports and other real-time information, such as news. Alexa can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system.

Users are able to extend the Alexa capabilities by installing "skills" (additional functionality developed by third-party vendors, in other settings more commonly called apps such as weather programs and audio features).

This presentation will be via ZOOM.

If you would like to attend please contact Souad Abdellaoui:


Tel: 07903 255384

Chair Yoga Exercise

Charlotte, our Chair Yoga Exercise teacher is creating a series of videos to help us all stay fit and active while at home.

1) Strengthening the Core - exercise routine with stretching and breathing exercise to relax the body.

To view the video go to YouTube logo

2) Lower Back & Self Care - work into stretches to ease lower back pain and a visualisation at the end to relax the body and release tension.

To view the video go to YouTube logo

3) Deep Breathing - practicing deep breathing is important to oxygenate the blood and nourish the body. It also works to calm the mind and alleviate anxiety:

To view the video go to YouTube logo

4) Being in the present moment - this week Charlotte is helping us to stay in the present moment. Accept the past, make the most of the present and allow the best to occur in the future.

To view the video go to YouTube logo

5) Doing things differently - You will need two chairs.

Charlotte has us doing things a little differently this week, come and see!

To view the video go to YouTube logo

6) Awareness of your body - In the final video in the series Charlotte helps us to increase awareness of our body, experimenting with position but never working into any pain.

To view the video go to YouTube logo

DanceWest of the Lyric Hammersmith are providing Community Dance Programmes

DanceWest is delighted to announce that they have been awarded emergency Covid-19 funding from Arts Council England. This critical support will ensure that the vulnerable participants who rely on their work for physical and social activity can dance at home and they can support our team of exceptional community dance artists with work.

Live streamed classes Wednesday, each week with a different teacher, in a different style.

5th August - Seated to Standing dance class
12th August - Active dance class
19th August - Salsa class

This activity will be via ZOOM

If you would like to attend please contact Souad Abdellaoui:


Tel: 07903 255384

Workout with Sharon and Re-energise

We’ve all been less active since the beginning of the ‘Lockdown’ and now is the time to try some gentle exercise with Sharon to get you fit and active.

1) Gentle exercise to Re energize with Sharron

To view the video go to YouTube logo

2) Gentle exercise for a 'Total Body Workout'.

To view the video go to YouTube logo

Hymns of the Day

For those of you who are missing Church Services there are Hymns on-line whereby you can sing along to the music provided by the Royal School of Church Music. Please follow the link:

Create to Connect

In times like these, we recognise the importance of bringing people together, and know lots of you won’t be able to meet up in the same way as before. Create to Connect is a response to the impact of Covid-19 – an invitation to get creative at home and with others in your community – and see what happens along the way.

Alongside the daily challenges, you can download a free tailored activity pack to help you engage your communities in the challenges – online and offline.

The British Museum

The British Museumhas created the attached leaflet which details ways in which you can continue to stay connected to the British Museum through their digital channels. Learn about the British Museum, view the Collections and much more.

Follow the link link: Explore the British Museum at home - Community 

National Gallery Virtual Tours

View the amazing galleries of the National Gallery Virtual Tours:

Keep Fit and Active

It is important to keep fit and active at this time and the following link to the NHS Aerobics for beginners may be useful:

Find out more

Telephone Befriending 

Telephone Befriending which is extremely popular is available and we are also launching one to one Befriending by ZOOM/Whatsapp/Facetime video linking. If you would like to see who you are talking to rather than chat over the telephone.

To download our Befreinding Referral Form Click Here


email: stephen.spavin@ageukwestminster

Tel: 07969 302517

Regular activities

Orchestral Concert performances

Beautiful orchestral music provided by the Academy of St Martin in the Fields and Joshua Bell. 

Listen and be amazed by the music ‘The amazing 60thGala Concert’

Follow the link: