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At Age UK Westminster we recognise how important it is to keep your mind active as well as your body so we have put together details of  external digital and none-digital resources that we believe people will find of interest.

National Gallery Virtual Tours

View the amazing galleries of the National Gallery Virtual Tours:

The Royal Collection of Buckingham Palace

TheRoyal Collection Trust is running a series of community ZOOM sessions in collaboration with their new exhibition at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace.

These sessions will explore the exhibition Masterpieces from Buckingham Palace, which showcases some of the finest historic paintings in the Collection, which usually hang in the Picture Gallery of the Palace. 

This session will be on ZOOM.

Please contact Souad if you would like to attend: Souad Abdellaoui:

Tel: 07903 255 384 



For instructions on the ZOOM video installation see How to use Zoom

Comfort and Courage Live streamed performances - between 3rd March and 27th March.

An amazing on-line season of live music, poetry and talks that Paddington Development Trust has arranged and will take place between 3rd March and 27th March.

If you love live performance, do check out the link below and see if you want to sign up and purchase a ticket.,live%20streamed%20for%20online

Royal Collection of Buckingham Palace 'Clash of the Old Masters' 3rd, 10th & 17th March from 2.00pm

Join us each week as we try to answer the question: Who was the greatest Old Master?

Each session will see two members of our team do battle to convince you, the audience, that their selected Master is the Greatest.

They will each champion an artist whose paintings are featured in the exhibition, looking at what makes them such a talent. Exploring everything from the artists’ composition, use of colour and storytelling, the speakers will make their case and stake the claim that their artist of choice deserves to emerge triumphant.

Join us in the final session on the 24th March, as the three winners go head-to-head, to have your say and crown the winning speaker and, more significantly, the greatest Old Master.

March 3rd - Sir Peter Paul Rubens vs. Sir Anthony van Dyck

Master vs. Apprentice. Teacher vs. Student.

A showdown between the Flemish masters, Anthony van Dyck and Peter Paul Rubens. Our speakers will debate whether the famed royal portraitist and courtier van Dyck surpassed the skills of his old mentor, or whether he remained firmly in the shadow of the great Rubens.

This session will be on ZOOM.

Please contact Souad if you would like to attend: Souad Abdellaoui:

Tel: 07903 255 384 

For instructions on the ZOOM video installation see How to use Zoom

British Museum online events

Travel back in time

Journey back to 500 BC and visit Persepolis, capital of the mighty Persian Achaemenid Empire, with curator St John Simpson in the latest instalment of our historical city travel guide series.

Sample Persian hospitality, get access to the awe-inspiring citadel and find out what to do when you’re there – and what not to do if you want to remain alive!

In the mood for more time travelling? You can read these other blogs in our historical city travel guide series:

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Rome, 1st Century AD
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Kulubnarti, Sudan, late 12th Century
Osaka, early 19th Century
Please visit the British Museum website:

Arctic: Curator’s Corner 

Curator Amber Lincoln shows an example of an Alaskan parka, and shows how for those living in the Arctic the sewing needle is just about the most important tool for survival.;

Cavatina Orchestra

A London-based ensemble comprising some of the most talented young musicians in London.

Supported by the City of Westminster Charitable Trust

Please follow the link below to view the September 2020 Concert held in St James’ Church Sussex Gardens.