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About our shop roles

Available 3-4 hours per week.
Some roles require as little as four hours per week, while others roles demand a greater commitment. Specific volunteering hours will need to be agreed upon with the shop manager and in line with the applicable shop staffing Rota.We will always follow up with a minimum of two references for each Volunteer.
Our roles are available at several locations througout Wiltshire.
This role is managed by the Shop Manager/Assistant Manager.

Role Responsibilities

It is essential everyone receives a warm, friendly and professional welcome on arrival (including in-coming telephone calls) and an appropriate acknowledgement when they leave. 

There are a variety of roles to carry out which include:

  • Accept incoming stock with thanks and appreciation.
  • Encourage all those with donations to sign up to our Gift Aid Scheme
  • Stock sorting: assisting in the sorting, preparation and presentation of goods donated for sale
  • Researching: looking up items on the internet to identify them and set a suitable price
  • Steaming: using the steaming process to help prepare donated clothes and fabric items for sale on the shop floor
  • Customer service: being friendly and helpful to customers in order to increase sales
  • Till-operating: serving and assisting customers, taking payment for goods and entering transaction into cash register
  • Help with tea/coffee breaks
  • Maintain a tidy, clean and safe shop environment
  • Accept incoming monetary donations and use the correct donation procedures taught in training or ask a Manager.

Personal Responsibilities

  • Display a professional welcoming and caring attitude at all times
  • Treat all information with the utmost confidentiality at all times.
  • Inform the shop manager of any absences as soon as possible
  • Be aware of Health and Safety Regulations
  • Attend training sessions as required
  • Seek help or support when needed
Volunteers must complete relevant initial training and be assessed as competent and confident for shop duties.

Apply for this role

To apply to be a volunteer roles at one of our charity shops, please complete our volunteer application online.