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Age UK Wiltshire is an independent charity working to promote the well being of older people to make later life an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

We rely on volunteers to support the services we provide.

Why volunteer?

Age UK Wiltshire is a charity that aims to enable older people in Wiltshire and Swindon to lead a fulfilling life. We believe that age deserves respect, kindness and sometimes a bit of help.

We work towards providing that help through our valued services and support. We are involved in campaigning for older people locally, public education and social advocacy, innovation and research, partnership and co-operation, and selling age-related products such as insurances and mobility aids.

Through our services we deliver comprehensive support to older people across Wiltshire & Swindon and make a significant difference to their lives. In a society where people live longer, further away from their families and support networks, these services are essential.

We can only do all this because of the generous volunteer support we recieve.


What are the rewards?

Giving up time to help someone in greater need is both rewarding and inspiring.

It can help you gain experience and improve your CV; it will enable you to meet new people and be part of a friendly team; it will allow you to hone existing skills through training and support from Age UK Wiltshire.

Our roles are flexible. Some people want the stability of volunteering on regular basis. Others want the flexibility to work around their work and other commitments. Time commitment can be as little as one hour a week and some of our volunteers hold more than three roles with us.

We reimburse traveling and reasonable out-of-pocket expenses.


How will we help you?

All our volunteering roles include an introduction to the charity detailing our history, our services and our principles. All our volunteers are required to receive this introduction in order to equip them with the knowledge to best help the people we support on a daily basis and to ensure that all our volunteers adhere to the principles and standards of the charity. If you can’t attend one of our introduction events then there are other ways we can provide this.

Alongside this each specific role also has its own bespoke training and shadowing opportunities for perspective volunteers to understand more about the role and what is involved.

We also have opportunities for volunteers to expand their skills with training events throughout the year, depending on the roles undertaken and the availability of these events. At all times you are encouraged to ask us for any training or skills you feel you need to undertake your voluntary role.

Our volunteering roles

  • Community Support

    Volunteers support our Wellbeing and Living Well services, supporting older people directly in their homes and in their community to make a difference to sociality isolated and vulnerable older people.

  • Information & Advice

    Our Information & Advice volunteers work from our offices and visit people at home and in the community to provide information and advice to older people, their families and carers who contact us for help.

  • Activity

    Our volunteers work alongside our Active Aging team to deliver Fitness and Friendship activity classes in the form of a social club. These are delivered across the county to promote independence and healthy living in later life.

  • Nail Clinics

    Our volunteers help ensure the smooth running of our nail cutting clinics by cutting toenails and fingernails or meeting-and-greeting attendees and making future appointments.

  • Office and Business

    Volunteers work with our business team to deliver the wide range of administration tasks and customer service that ensure the continued operation of our offices and the services that we provide.

  • Still not sure?

    You don't have to make a decision about a volunteer role yet.

    Complete an application form and attend our induction session to find out more about volunteering and the roles available.

Ready to start volunteering?

If you are ready to volunteer with us then the first step is to complete our application form. This is how we first get to know you and understand what you want to get out of volunteering.