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We recognise that sometimes the biggest battle is knowing where to start looking for the information you need.

We have gathered together information about the trades, services and organisations we get asked about most often - to help you make informed decisions.

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We have collated a list of searches and links below for a variety of trades, services and organisations - click on a heading to expand it.

We strongly suggest that you read our Choosing a Reputable Trader Guide when making any selections or decisions.

View or print our "Choosing a Reputable Trader" guide

If you have trouble using the list of searches and links below then please contact us and we will try to provide the information another way.


The results that are produced by the following searches are for information only. Age UK Wiltshire does not recommend any of the trades or services that will appear in the searches below, nor do we recommend the search providers. If you follow a link you will be taken to an external website, the content of which Age UK Wiltshire is not responsible for. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

Aids, Equipment and Technology

List / Service Suggested Search or Link 
Aids and equipment for independent living

Did you know you can request a free assessment of your needs from your local authority's adult social care team? This could help by providing some aids and equipment for free, to help you manage more independently.

Independent Living Centre - Semington Tel: 01380 871007 (by appointment only) - Local charity with large showroom where you can get free advice and try a variety of aids /equipment with professional guidance. They also have a list of retailers and a '2nd hand equipment' list

Personal Alarms/Lifeline providers - Age UK Wiltshire info sheet

Stairlift providers (hire or purchase) - Age UK Wiltshire info sheet

Medequip retail Medequip provide Wiltshire Council community aids and equipment and also have a retail arm for customers to purchase equipent privately.

Disabled Living Foundation (Living Made Easy) - free independent online guidance on choosing aids

NHS Wheelchair service

Age UK info guide - Adapting your home


Hearing and Vision aids for hire or purchase

Wiltshire Council Hearing and Vision team

Swindon Council Hearing and Vision

Wiltshire Sight

SightLine Directory (by RNIB) 

Mobility aids and wheelchairs for short-term hire


 Independent Living Centre - Semington Tel: 01380 871007 - maintain a list of Wiltshire retailers offering equipment hire.

Does your town operate a 'Shopmobility' scheme - these allow you to borrow a wheelchair or scooter to use around town and city centres?

Red Cross Mobility Aids for HireOffer equipment for hire and sometimes able to take 2nd hand equipment to re-use.

Donating/ disposal of mobility aids and equipment

Independent Living Centre - Semington Tel: 01380 871007 - collate and distribute a 2nd hand equipment list where you can freely advertise disability items locally

Local charity shops may take simple equipment but it is best to ring and check. Age UK charity shops are managed by Age UK national; you can find your nearest one here:

Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council have a paid-for bulky item collection service for larger items.

You could list the item on a free-to-list website such as Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace - it may be just what another local person is looking for!

If the item was provided through the NHS, social services or another support agency then they may take them back.

If the item was purchased privately the supplier may have their own refurbishment or recycling scheme.

For stairlifts, some local stairlift companies remove and refurbish these - see our ‘Stairlift providers (hire or purchase)’ list above

Red Cross Mobility Aids for HireOffer equipment for hire and sometimes able to take 2nd hand equipment to re-use.

Disability Equipment Sent Overseas (DESO) - collect crutches, walking sticks and wheelchairs to be sent overseas

If you're paying someone to remove items or rubbish ensure they have a waste carrier license.

You could be entitled to extra money called 'Attendance Allowance' from the government to help with the additional costs of having a long-term health problem or disability. This could be put towards purchasing of aids, equipment and services.
Technology and computer support / training

Abilitynet - national charity offering free IT support at home for many types of technology. Also a number of useful factsheets on choosing tech for people with impairments e.g. mobile phones, computer aids. Tel: 0300 180 0028 during UK office hours Mon-Fri.

Learn My Way - free user-friendly online training

Bobby Van  - local charity currently offering free 'Stay safe online' training

Swindon Adult Community Learning scheme - free courses for eligible Swindon residents

Safer and Supportive Salisbury 'Get Connected' project - for people who do not have internet but who would like to be able to communicate with friends and family and follow online activities such as fitness, church services, news. Contact: Jane Ebel - 07515822479 /

Wiltshire Sight  - Support with technology (for those with a visual impairment)

Rethink 'Digital Tech Buddies' project is currently offering phone and video support to help people in Wiltshire with technology (added June 2024)

Wiltshire Digital Drive - work with community projects and organisations to provide refurbished laptops and tech

Have you asked your library or local college about computer classes?

University of the Third Age (U3As) is an organisation that promotes life-long learning and engagement. Your local branch  may have an IT club you could join.

Some banks have 'digital champions' for money-related issues e.g setting up online banking


Age UK Info Guide - Staying Safe

Health and Wellbeing

List / Service Suggested Search or Link  
Chiropodist/ Podiatrist / nail cutting (incl. home visits)

The College of Podiatry Tel: 020 7234 8620

Chiropodists, Podiatrists and Footcare Practitioners list - Age UK Wiltshire info list
Have you asked your GP if you qualify for free NHS podiatry services?

NHS dental practices database

Age UK factsheet - Help with health costs

NHS Community Dental Service 

Age UK factsheet - Dental Care

Hairdressers- Mobile / Home visiting Mobile hairdressers - Age UK Wiltshire info list  
Opticians- Mobile / Home visiting  Have you asked your usual optician if they offer home visits? 
Local lunch clubs, social opportunities and groups See Age UK Wiltshire's dedicated Clubs and Groups search page Age UK info guide - Healthy living

Housing, Care and Help at Home

List / Service Suggested Search or Link
  Did you know you can request a free assessment of your needs from your local authority's adult social care team? This could help by providing some aids and equipment for free, and potentially means-tested funding towards a care package.
Sheltered Housing & Housing Options - database of sheltered housing (select 'Housing' and type in postcode)

Did you know most rented sheltered housing schemes are applied for through local council housing registers?

Age UK info guide - Housing options

EAC Housing Options for Older People tool (HOOP)- online questionnaire to guide you and provide further advice

Sheltered housing in Wiltshire - AUKW info sheet

Direct lettings with housing associations - AUKW info list

List of Almshouses in Wiltshire - Age UK Wiltshire info list

EAC / HousingCare factsheets - housing options and moving in with family etc.

Care homes NHS choices database of care homes (with CQC ratings)


Age UK info guide - Care homes


Age UK Care home checklist


Age UK Factsheet - Finding, choosing and funding a care home

Wiltshire Council Care Services Directory

Care Quality Commission (CQC) - reports on quality standards of care homes

Which? Cost of care and eligiblity checker tool - to compare estimated costs of care agencies and care home fees by area

Care at home / care agencies

NHS choices database of Homecare agencies (with CQC ratings)

Age UK info guide - Getting help at home

Shared Lives Wiltshire (helps people live as part of a family, within the carers home, where they receive the support or care that they need)

Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living - register of Personal Assistants and advice on becoming an employer and managing direct payments

Which? Cost of care and eligiblity checker tool - compare estimated costs of care agencies and care home fees by area.

HomeCare Association
The UK’s membership body for homecare providers.

Wiltshire Council Care Services Directory - see pgs 21-30 for Care agency checklist and care provider listings.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) - reports on quality standards of care agencies

HomeCareReviews - provides a platform for reviews of various home care agencies across the country.

The Live-in Care Hub Impartial information resource for arranging live in home help.

Support for self-funders of care

Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living -  advice on employing a Personal Assistant

Care Home Selection - care agency and care home finders service (free and independent)

Skills for Care - advice on employing a Personal Assistant

Gov MoneyHelper Service - explains options to consider for self-funding care

Domestic help

Domestic help can be tricky to find and, as with other services, we're not able to recommend any individuals or companies.

Why not ask friends or neighbours locally for recommendations or check your local church or parish newsletter?

Age UK info guide - Getting help at home

Domestic Help Guide (choosing a cleaner) – Age UK Wiltshire info sheet

Buy with confidence (search for 'Cleaning Services') (select 'domestic help' from drop down list)

Wiltshire Council Care Services Directory- some care agencies may offer domestic help, see pgs 21-27

Yellow Pages

Food and shopping options

Shopping options - Age UK Wiltshire info sheet

Meal providers - Age UK Wiltshire info list

Furniture charities, recycling and collection

Wiltshire Council large item collection (paid for service)


Many charity shops also offer free collection services for good quality items for donation.

KFR Devizes (cover Wiltshire)

Waste not want not Chippenham (covers North Wilts and Trowbridge)

Trussell Trust Salisbury (cover South Wilts)

Group Five Trowbridge (cover West Wilts)

Alabaré  Salisbury (cover Wiltshire)

Local Authorities

Wiltshire Council   

General enquiries tel 0300 456 0100

Adult social care team tel: 0300 456 0111       Email: 

For Adult Safeguarding  contact the Wiltshire Council Social Care Help Desk on 0300 456 0111 or email If you are calling out of hours then please call the Emergency Duty Service on 0300 456 0100.


What to do if you're concerned about someone - Age UK national information

Swindon Borough Council  

General enquiries tel: 01793 445500           

Adult Social care team tel: 01793 445500

For Adult Safeguarding contact the Swindon Borough Council Adult Safeguarding Team on 01793 463 555 or email If you are calling out of hours you can call the Emergency Duty Service on 01793 436699

Home Maintenance, Energy and Security


Bobby Van    Tel: 01380 861155

Offer free home security checks across Wiltshire for older people and those who are otherwise vulnerable or disadvantaged. They can also fit security equipment including keysafes.

Age UK info guide - Home Safety Checker

Home Improvement Agency / Handihelp service  

Update Oct 2020 we understand that the Handihelp service is not currently operating since Feb 2020. Also see the 'Trades and Services' section below.

Wiltshire and Dorset Fire Service   Tel: 0800 038 2323

Offer free 'Safe and Well' home visits across Wiltshire to help you keep safe and healthy at home. Can check and fit smoke alarms where required.

Help with energy and winter warmth

We produce a Spread the Warmth leaflet - information on local and national schemes relating to improving energy efficiency, extra money for heating costs and energy saving advice.

Age UK info guide - Winter wrapped up

Warm & Safe Wiltshire Tel: 0800 038 5722

A Local service provided by local councils and Dorset & Wiltshire Fire Service, in partnership with Centre for Sustainable Energy, to deliver a comprehensive free energy advice service for Wiltshire and Swindon residents.

The service offers: • Advice on eligibility for various energy grants • Advice on insulation, heating and draft proofing and guidance on resolving damp and condensation issues • Guidance on heating systems and controls • Advice on understanding your fuel bills, managing fuel debt and switching energy suppliers


Trades and Services

Don't forget to read our "Choosing a Reputable Trader Guide"at the top of this page are other information sources for many types of local businesses but are not checked or endorsed.

List / Service Suggested Searches

Do you live in Swindon? Swindon Council have their own Trading Standards approved list of traders


Builders and DIY (also see 'Home Maintenance' above)

Federation of Master Builders

Handyperson and DIY list - AUKW info list

See also 'Home Maintenance, Energy and Security' section on this page


Trading Standards - Buy With Confidence

Swindon Council Traders List (Buy with Confidence)

Electricians NICEIC register of electricians


Trading Standards - Buy With Confidence

Gardening Services

The Gardeners Guild

List of small jobs gardeners - AUKW info list

Trading Standards - Buy With Confidence  
Painters and Decorators The Painting and Decorating Association


Trading Standards - Buy With Confidence


Find an APHC Installer

Chartered Institute for Plumbing and Heating (CIPHE)

Federation of Master Builders

Trading Standards - Buy With Confidence

Stopcocks directory of women plumbers

Plumbers (Heating engineers) Find an APHC Installer Check they are Gas Safe registered   

Travel and Transport


Blue Badge Scheme

A concessionary parking scheme for people with severe mobility problems. Available from your local authority:

Wiltshire Council    Tel: 01225 713002          Swindon Borough Council Tel: 01793 445500


Public Transport

> Bus Pass and Taxi Vouchers schemes - A concessionary travel scheme for older people and people with significant mobility problems. Taxi vouchers may be available if you cannot make use of your bus pass. Contact your local authority: Wiltshire Council or Swindon Council.

Connecting Wiltshire  - Help for planning a journey in Wiltshire by car, bus, train and walking, including bus times and details of bus companies.    Tel: 023 8055 4100   -a travel awareness campaign delivered by Wessex DriveAbility giving information and advice to people who are giving up driving, to help them get around more easily, using a range of travel choices and options.


Community Transport and LINK Schemes 

List of local voluntary groups in Wiltshire that provide transport for people who struggle to get out and about e.g. getting to medical appointments - most towns have a scheme.

Wiltshire Community First  - compile the transport and LINK Schemes across Wiltshire. Note that each scheme has an individual contact number.

Akcess provide 'Steps for You' subsidised community transport in Swindon borough

Swindon Dial-a-Ride provide community transport to Swindon residents


Transport to hospital

Non Emergency Patient Transport to hospital - (NEPTS) for those that require transport to/from hospital and are unable to get there themselves. Eligiblity criteria is set by the government and based on whether someone's medical condition prevents them from travelling by any other means.

NHS volunteer responders (during COVID19) - Patient transport is available via a professional referrer such as GP or health professional.

A local taxi service or Driving Miss Daisy’ service may be an option if you are not eligible for other schemes or cannot use public transport because of your health.

Also see Link Schemes above and the individual hospital websites will usually have a 'Find us' or 'Travelling and directions' page.


Disabled access toilets in the community (Key scheme)

Disability Rights UK – RADAR keys £5.00 (excl. VAT) with free delivery  Tel:  020 7250 8191

Other places to try: Selected Scope charity shops, Independent Living Centre (Semington) and local town councils may have stocks.


RiDC (Research Institute for Disabled Customers)

The RiDChave a number of useful guides including: 

mobility scooters and scooter insurance   choosing and using an adapted vehicle


Wheelchair accessible taxis

Wheelchair accessible taxis - Age UK Wiltshire list


In the driving seat - Age UK info guide


Money and Legal

List / Service Suggested Searches
Benefits and extra money

Ask us for a free income maximisation check - we can check your eligibility for welfare benefits and explore other areas of financial support like help with health costs, grants and other schemes!


Age UK Info guide - More money in your pocket


Warm Home Discount

Wiltshire Surviving Winter Grant

Wessex Water Pension Credit discount

NHS low income scheme 

Charitable grants

Council Tax Discounts - non-means-tested. Including for certain carers and people with a disability– check with your local council

Planning ahead

Age UK 'Lifebook' - free downloadable booklet helps you to gather together useful information and contacts in one place



Financial Advice (incl. for care planning)

The Society of Later Life Advisers


Gov Money Helper Service

Tax Help for Older People

Free Debt Advice


Citizens Advice


Community Money Advice Projects (South Wilts, Melksham, Trowbridge, Corsham,BoA)

CrossLight Swindon

Legal advice

Association of Lifetime Lawyers (prev Solicitors for the Elderly)

Wiltshire Law Centre

Law Society - find a solicitor

  Beacon (NHS CHC appeals and challenges)

Age UK info guide: Wills and estate planning - list of participating charities that offer free wills


Free Wills Month

Free Wills Month - free will planner sheet


Powers of Attorney

Gov guide: Make and Register a Power of Attorney

Age UK info guide: Powers of Attorney


Office of the public guardian: Hints and tips to avoid common mistakes with forms

Our Resources

  • Age UK Information Guides and Factsheets

    Age UK produces free information guides and factsheets on a wide range of topics, including home adaptations, benefits, dementia, and advice for carers.

    You can find a complete list of guides and factsheets on the Age UK national website.

    Age UK Information Guides and Factsheets 

  • Little Book of Useful Information (Wiltshire)

    This little guide has details of some of the most commonly asked questions about local services and organisations.

    Little Book of Useful Information (PDF, 223 KB)

Can't find what you are looking for?

If you are looking for a trader in your local area you could also try the following:

  • Word of mouth is often a good source of local information - friends, family or a neighbour may be able to recommend someone from their own experiences.
  • If you are looking for a trader, you can try looking on the TrustMark government-endorsed tool to find tradespeople or Trading Standards - Buy With Confidence which is endorsed by local Trading Standards departments.
  • Town, parish and church newsletters or websites often have current information about local traders and services. We have some of these listed Village, town and parish newsletters and area specific resources
  • are information sources for local businesses but are not checked or endorsed.

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