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An Ode to our Bath Day Centre

Published on 28 November 2018 11:36 AM

Moreen Parker from Bath Day Centre writes a poem

By Moreen Parker,
Member of St Michael's Day Centre

Friday is my fun day
The one and only day
That I go out and see
Others than just me

Julia comes with her bus
Drives it well, takes care of us
Fiona greets us at the door
Smiles and says ‘Welcome all’

Maureen (there are four)
Makes us coffee or some tea
And cakes from Tesco, all for free

We have a quiz and play games
Like dominoes or bingo
And a raffle for a pound
Prizes that will you astound

Then it’s lunch, cooked by Nicky
Feeding us must be tricky

After lunch we are entertained
Music is the name of the game
We sing songs old and new
Singing is so good for you

More cake and tea
The clock strikes three
The bus arrives to take us away
Hope to see you next Friday