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  • Break in at Age UK Bexley

    Published on 10 June 2019 01:53 PM

    Age UK Bexley is sad to report that their head office in Sidcup was broken into over the weekend. Whilst thankfully n...

  • Volunteer with us

    Published on 29 May 2019 12:25 PM

    Interested in volunteering? Come and join our large dedicated team of volunteers. We are currently looking for...

  • £1.5 million for the older people of Bexley

    Published on 12 April 2019 01:33 PM

    Our advice service supported 628 people during the course of the last year. This meant that 628 people got access to...

  • Bunnies bid for freedom!

    Published on 12 April 2019 01:24 PM

    Our Day Care Easter Bunnies made a bid for freedom this afternoon - not all too successfully. So if you want one, hop...

  • A big thank you to Tesco’s Bags of Help

    Published on 30 November 2018 11:07 AM

    Tesco’s Bags of Help Fund has raised £2,530 toward the charity’s Later Lifers Fitness project. The project is part ou...

  • Co-operative grants Bexley Men in Sheds investment and support

    Published on 30 November 2018 10:54 AM

    Bexley’s Co – operative Local Community Fund showed its support for the charity’s Men in Sheds service based in Erith...

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