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Age UK Bexley offers lots of services for older people and their carers.

Our Services

  • Talks and Presentations

    Join one of our helpful talks given by Age UK Bexley staff, where we speak about our services and volunteering opportunities. Presentations on specialist topics can be to local businesses, schools, community organisations, health and social care professional, alongside other interested parties.

  • Cycling Club

    If you are looking to get back on your bike or just want some help keeping it maintained, why not join our Cycling Club based in Erith. No cycle clips required

  • Our work in Schools

    We are working in and with students and young people in schools across the borough.Creating opportunities and learning for young and old. Find out more by following the link

Our Charges for services and activities

Care Services
Enhanced - £56 per day
Standard (private) - £35.60
Standard borough funded - £36.40
Respite - £19.50 (£12 per hour plus £7.50 for a hot meal and refreshments
Day Care at Home - £20 per hour
Dementia Day Care - £56 per day
All our day care services include a hot meal and refreshments
Foot Care
Foot Care at the clinic - £19
Nail Care (hands) - £6
Active Living
Guided Walks (includes a stop with food and drink) - £2.50
Fitness classes - £7 (or £6 per session purchased with the fitness package)
Digital fitness classes - £7 (or £6 per session purchased with fitness package
Befriending Café per session - £2.50, or 8 sessions for £20
Social Package - £15 (includes attendence to one cafe session and one walk, which is four cafes and four walks in four weeks)
Fitness Package - £24 every four weeks, saving £1 a week
Full Member Fitness and Social  - £35 includes 2 x social activities and 1 x fitness activity per week, over a four week period, saving you £13 in total
First session free for all activities or rates reduced for those on pension credit - sign up now!