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Activation Bolton

Published on 03 July 2019 11:20 AM

If you are part of a community organisation, voluntary group, a sole trader, small or medium business or social business collective you could apply for an investment of up to £1,000 through the Activation Bolton programme.

What is Activation Bolton?

Funded by Sport England via Greater Sport, Activation Bolton is a pilot programme which aims to help people living in Bolton, who are aged 55+ to get more active by achieving at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week.

By achieving this target, we know that people aged 55+ will stay mobile for longer, have better stability and experience less falls. We also know that they are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression, be less socially isolated and more capable of really getting the best out of later life. 

You could play a part in helping us achieve this, through an Activation Bolton investment of up to £1,000 which would also:

  • Help your customers/clients/service users get and stay active
  • Keep them involved in your service/group or activities for longer
  • Bring new people customers/service users into your business or group
  • Grow your business while adding social value to what you do
  • Try out an idea that you’ve thought “if only we had the money to…”

What sort of ideas are we looking for?

Any ideas that help people build activity into their week, their daily lives and their regular routines. It’s not necessarily about taking up a traditional sporting or dance activity - although ideas around these activities are welcome too - but finding new ways for people to be active.

Why is Activation Bolton necessary?

In Bolton there is a dramatic drop off of over 65’s taking part in physical activity. Our research tells us this can happen for many reasons. For example having caring responsibilities, failing health, lack of affordability or lack of transport to access activities. These are just some of the barriers that stop older people from being active. The bad news is that long term inactivity is one of the top 10 causes of early death. It is estimated to cost Greater Manchester’s Health and Social care services £26.7 million per year.  

This is why through Activation Bolton, we are awarding investments up £1,000 that can make an idea you may have - to help older people get active.

Our Research

Our research shows us that people are more likely to take up activity when they:

  • Experience a life trigger event. This could be a change in circumstances, a health event or a diagnosis that affects them or a loved one. 
  • Are offered the chance to take up an activity that can give more structure to their week or balance to their life. This could be a weekly class or activity, or something that is available more than once a week. 
  • Can take part in something that gives them social interaction and social contact with others. A place where they can see familiar faces, start to build friendships and become part of a wider friendship group.
  • Can learn a new skill, get better at something or work towards a greater achievement.  They may also have the chance to take part in a competition or friendly tournament.

These are all points that you should bear in mind when submitting your idea. We know from our research that these motivating factors not only help people to start getting active but they also help them stay involved for longer.

Understanding attitudes and behaviours that affect activity levels

Activation Bolton is keen to ensure that all ideas and projects it invests in, meet the programme requirement of helping people to get active and stay active.

For this reason, the first phase of Activation Bolton involved a large piece of research and development, ‘Behavioural Insight’, carried out in partnership between Age UK Bolton and leading behavioural insights agency, So-Mo.  

The research involved talking to a large number of older people to really understand how people aged 55+ in Bolton feel about getting active and to identify the common barriers and any health, social, cultural or environmental factors that might stand between them and accessing a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Download the application form and application guidelines below

Activation Bolton Application

or call Deborah on 01204 382411 e-mail to request an application form